Ultimate Prayer For Vishnu Grace Gajendra Moksha

The number of people who were blessed, as of now, is 12.

I can only say that it is the result of their faith and meticulous following of the procedures.

The ultimate prayer one must follow is that wants nothing in return.

This is what is most useful for what we need keeps on changing and the more one gets,sadder he becomes later because of what he asked for.

So God knows what is good for you and you need not ask for it for a mother knows what is needed for the child.

Kayena Vacha Surrender Origin Free Will

Simple analysis  of the operation of Free Will in our Lives, without engaging ourselves about Free Will in philosophical terms, would show we are not free.
When we perform an action, choices presented to us are limited.
We do not have access to ALL options.
We act on the basis of choices presented to us at a given point of time.
Hence we have Free Will as well as we are Limited.