Oldest Temple Murugan Saluvankuppam 300 BC

Legend has it that the Thiruvotriyur Temple is the oldest and the Thiruvannamalai is equally ancient. Concrete historical evidence has been unearthed by the archeologists of a Temple of Lord Murugan in Saluvankuppam,Tamil Nadu.

First Chola King From Kasyapa Gotra Manu Dynasty.

Chola Varman's successors stated using this term ever since. Chola Varman is from the Surya Vamsa, Solar Dynasty( to which Lord Rama belonged). He is the descendant of Manu. He was from the Kashyapa Gothra. This information is from the Kanakumari Epigraphs

Sakthi Anklet Peeta Naina Tivu, Manipallavam Garuda Naga

Referred to as Manipallavam, and conquered by ancient Tamil Knins of Sangam Period, has a Sakthi Peeta., the Peeta where the Devi's Anklet fell.

This is a small Island in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Body Part or Ornament

Silambu (Anklets)


Indrakshi (Nagapooshani / Bhuvaneswari)


Rakshaseshwar (Nayanair)

Garuda and Nagas were reported to have resolved their differences here.

Indra consecrated this temple.

Tamil Sangam Dates 17000 Years Extended To Equator

Put it simply, the coast line of India , more specifically Tamils extended up to Equator.

And this tallies with the descriptions of Tamil Kings in The Mahabharata during the Swayamvar of Draupadi , the reference to Arjuna having married the daughter of a Pandyan King and the mention of Cheran Perunchotruudiyan Neduncheraathan as having fed both the armies of the Panadavas and Kauravas during the Mahabharata War, among other refernces like the Tamil Knings donated Villages for Baramins po perform Vedic Rites daily in the Agraharas, ear marked for them.

Know The Seeds of Pumpkin without Breaking, Tamil

  I had blogged on the antiquity of the Tamil Language , its rich culture and its scientific approach every thing.   Tamil Land was demarcated into six zones and relevant details were assigned to each of them, which is not found in any other Literature.   Also the Tamil Land was the one that … Continue reading Know The Seeds of Pumpkin without Breaking, Tamil