Mathematics Principle Of Threes Confirms Hinduism

Sparsa is loosely defied as touch. It is more than touch,more than a touch without touching, difficult to translate the Sanskrit word. The Purusha and Prakriti are two entities evolves only after Sparsa Matra, just the moment after touching. So along with Purusha and Prakriti, this makes the Trinity of Principles facilitating Evolution. Three Gunas, Dispositions, Sathva, Raja, and Tamas. The trinity of Hindu Pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu an Rudra. The Three Yogas, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga. Pranava consists of Three letters. A U M Three layers of Nature, Light, Fire and Darkness. States of Being-Immanent, Transcendent and Absolute. Periods of The Day, Morning, Noon and Evening. Three Primary worlds Bur, Bhuvah, Suvah.

Hinduism 14 Lokas Quantum Mutiverse Study

There are two interpretations of the Lokas.

One is that these are The Stages of mental development in a Spiritual Journey.

Another is that these are Planes of Existence at other levels, complying with Laws that are unique to them, Including the Laws of Physics.

Taking these to mean and comparing them with the Quantum Theory which states that there are other planes where things exist and they do not obey

the Laws of our Earth's Physical laws.

Latest findings indicate that the Multi verses are Infinite and they depend on the Perceiver and his ability to perceive them.

Hinduism says exactly the same with Time being Cyclic.

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Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

I was a Speaker in a Function marking the occasion of the release of a Research Book "Downloading Nature's Secrets,From Akasa to Quantum Vacuum Field by Sri.Lakshminarayananan Gopalan in Chennai on the Fifth of April 2014.   The book deals with the inadequacy of the present day Science, how the Vedas have anticipated these issues … Continue reading Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

What Is Certainty ?

I saw a Post on Truth and Beauty.

I am providing the link towards the end of the post.

I have been planning to write on this for some time.

Whenever we talk of certainty what do we mean?

That an event or thing will happen the way we expect it to happen?

Again what is 'expected to happen?

We expect things to happen indicates that we have seen some things, events followed some events, some experienced by us, some by the others,

And we think the same pattern will follow.

Just how scientific is this?

I am talking about Science here, because it what people think is the solution for every thing and Science is the club used to beat Philosophy and Religion.

When a religious information , or even a fact is presented, the immediate question, from the people, especially who profess to have a scientific temper(?), is,

How certain are you?

The same question is addressed to Philosophy.

You Talk of Reality God.

The retort is,

Is it certain?

Does it hold go

String Theory and Indian Philosophy.

String theory Matter and mind differ only in degree not in kind. Greater the vibration it is Mind; lesser , matter. Based on various levels of vibration,there are 14 Levels of existence9Vishnu Purana).References are also available in Buddhism. All theeĀ  different levels co existed, co exist and shall co exist at the same in a … Continue reading String Theory and Indian Philosophy.