Mathematics Principle Of Threes Confirms Hinduism

Recent Mathematical Study of Numbers and Quantum has proved the Hinduism‘s Theory of Number Three.

Hinduism ascribes special status to Number Three.

Fundamental principles of Universe is three-Creation,Sustenance and Destruction(Hiding and Benevolence,Thirodhaana and Anugraha are implied in

these three.

The Three principles of Evolution of the Universe.

Purusha, Prakriti.

Implied in this, which is not often noticed, is the ‘Sparsa Matra’, between these two.

Sparsa is loosely defied as touch.

It is more than touch,more than a touch without touching, difficult to translate the Sanskrit word.

The Purusha and Prakriti are two entities evolves only after Sparsa Matra, just the moment after touching.

So along with Purusha and Prakriti, this makes the Trinity of Principles facilitating  Evolution.

Three Gunas, Dispositions, Sathva, Raja, and Tamas.

The trinity of Hindu Pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu an Rudra.

The Three Yogas,

Jnana Yoga,

Karma Yoga,

Bhakthi Yoga.

( Raja Yoga is also a path to Realization. It involves mental discipline) 

Pranava consists of Three letters.




Three layers of Nature, Light, Fire and Darkness.

States of Being-Immanent, Transcendent and Absolute.

Periods of The Day, Morning, Noon and Evening.

Three Primary worlds Bur, Bhuvah, Suvah.

Three breaths, Poorakam(inhaling0, Rechakam(exhaling) and Kumbhakam(retention).

The triangle of female genital organ,

The Three synchronization, Thoughts, Words an Deeds.

The mark(3) worn By shaivites and Vaishnavas(three lines on the forehead.

The three strands of Upaveeda.

Three primary Stages of life, Asrama-Brahmacharya, Gruhastha and Vanaprastha-Sanyasa can be practiced in any of the three.

The importance of three is elaborately explained thus.

Now Mathematical research has proved the Principle of three.

“In 1970, Vitaly Efimov was manipulating the equations of quantum mechanics in an attempt to calculate the behavior of sets of three particles, such as the protons and neutrons that populate atomic nuclei, when he discovered a law that pertained not only to nuclear ingredients but also, under the right conditions, to any trio of particles in nature.

While most forces act between pairs, such as the north and south poles of a magnet or a planet and its sun, Efimov identified an effect that requires three components to spring into action. Together, the components form a state of matter similar toBorromean rings, an ancient symbol of three interconnected circles in which no two are directly linked. The so-called Efimov “trimer” could consist of a trio of protons, a triatomic molecule or any other set of three particles, as long as their properties were tuned to the right values. And in a surprising flourish, this hypothetical state of matter exhibited an unheard-of feature: the ability to range in size from practically infinitesimal to infinite.

Shih-Kuang Tung of the University of Chicago holding Borromean rings, which have often been used as a symbol of unity. If one ring is removed, all three fall apart. ( Courtesy of Cheng Chin)

“It’s a pretty wild idea,” said Randy Hulet, a physics professor at Rice University in Houston. “You get this infinite series of molecules.”

Efimov had shown that when three particles come together, a special confluence of their forces creates the Borromean rings effect: Though one is not enough, the effects of two particles can conspire to bind a third. The nesting-doll feature — called discrete scale invariance — arose from a symmetry in the equation describing the forces between three particles. If the particles satisfied the equation when spaced a certain distance apart, then the same particles spaced 22.7 times farther apart were also a solution. This number, called a “scaling factor,” emerged from the mathematics as inexplicably as pi, the ratio between a circle’s circumference and diameter.

“It’s like layers of an onion,” Hulet said. “You see molecules at one layer. Peel the layer away, and you see that there’s a molecule there 22.7 times smaller. Every time you peel away a layer, you find another molecule.”..


Rudi Grimm and his group at the University of Innsbruck in Austria managed to create an Efimov trimer for the first time in 2006, building it from a trio of cesium atoms cooled to 10-billionths of a degree above absolute zero. It was a long-awaited triumph for Efimov, who, Grimm recalled, became very emotional when he heard the news.

But the result did not decisively prove the theory.

“With just one example, it’s very difficult to tell if it’s a Russian nesting doll,” said Cheng Chin, a professor of physics at the University of Chicago who was part of Grimm’s group in 2006. The ultimate proof would be an observation of consecutive Efimov trimers, each enlarged by a factor of 22.7. “That initiated a new race” to prove the theory, Chin said.

Eight years later, the competition to observe a series of Efimov states has ended in a photo finish. “What you see is three groups, in three different countries, reporting these multiple Efimov states all within about one month,” said Chin, who led one of the groups. “It’s totally amazing.”

Quoted Text and Image Citation Credit.

4 responses to “Mathematics Principle Of Threes Confirms Hinduism”

  1. With respect, the confirmation of threes in the microcosmic level does not confirm a religion of one area of the world. It only confirms aspects of that religion, and the concept of threes being tied into infinity is not exclusive to Hinduism. If nothing else, I am inclined to say the Trinity is involved too. Coincidental? I would say God has a sense of humor.

    A side note: a “touch without touching” is technically the accurate way to describe physical contact between molecules. The only time they actually come into direct contact is during fusion, or the collision causing fission. There is something to be said about Sanskrit having that word before the culture was purported to be advanced enough to study chemistry like us. But it could just be metaphysical theory meshing with physical fact.

    There’s that coincidence again…


      • It’s almost tantamount to proof, but just short. It seems like that’s the idea of faith. And it’s like trying to find that last Higgs-Boson particle to prove the hypothesis, always just short of actual proof…


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