Vedic Practices In Kaaba Islam

Anga suddhi. Purification of the parts of the Body. Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction 'Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah' 7.Etymological similarities. Kaaba temple from Kabaaleeswara( Shiva)

Channel 4 To Air Muslim Namaz Call Ramadan Why Object

Channel 4 is planning to air the Muslim Prayer call Namaz on 9 July, 2013, the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Muslims seem to object it on the ground that it is "divisive"(?)

'Why do I dislike the idea so much? Because I think it is deeply divisive. Because far from making Muslims feel part of the community, it is actually using a sacred custom as a cheap device for cocking a snook at the rest of us.....

Next Tuesday, July 9, is the first day of Ramadan. It is the month of the year when Muslims fast. From sunrise to sundown they are not allowed to swallow food.

It is similar to the Christian season of Lent, in which the faithful are supposed to focus their thoughts more sharply on God and the things of the spirit by an ethos of discipline.