Karikal Chozhan and Grand Anicut built by him. Image.

Sangam Tamils Prepared Biriyani Used Barbeque

Porunaraatrupadai describes,among others,the feast hosted by Karikal Chozhan. He hosted a feast,which included 'ஊன் சோறு ' This is the modern Mutton Biriyani. Also he used Barbecue method to cook meat,by stringing meat in an iron rod and roasted it by indirect Fire.

Krishna Lifts Mountain Indra Vizha By Early Cholas

Records say that this Festival Indra Vizha was introduced by an early Chola King Thodithol Chola at the behest of Sage Agastya. I had shown Sage Agastya's date to be around 5000 years earlier, based on the movement of Star Canopus, Agastya Nakshatra. I shall write more on the antiquity of Tamil Kings. The Cholas lineage is from the Puranic times and the Cholas were related to Virata Kings( Currently the area is Rajasthan).

Karikal Chola Performed Aswamedha Kumhabhisheka

Contrary to the Pseudo Tamil protagonists who thrive by spreading the lie that Tamil was independent of Sanatana Dharma and it was imposed by the Aryans from the North,the early Tamil King Karikal Valavan,the great Chola King built temples,introduced the worship of Indra,calling it the Indra Vizha of which the Silappathikaram speaks highly and performed the Aswamedha Yaga!