Nehru Edwina Honeymoon During Noakhali, Refuses UN Seat

As the propaganda blitz is on the History of India is being scrutinized, apologists for the West and the Nehru family are on the over drive attacking the attempt to restore Indian History, which hitherto been dubbed as mythology deliberately by the west, I am posting some authentic information on the devious attempts of the Wt and on the myth of Nehru family as paragons of virtue and dedicated patriots of India. though my post is essentially share Indian thoughts on Philosophy,Religion,Science and Unique Hindu Temples.

While it is important to debunk the false ancient history of Indian foisted upon Indians by the west, I feel it is equally important that one exposes the devious misinformation about India’s past by Indians themselves who were Nehruvities.

Indira Gandhi Is Maimoona Beegum Shastri Murder Mitrokhin Archive

I have posted articles on the shenanigans of the Congress Party, starting from Motilal Nehru,their family tree,Corruption by the family,Bofors,Swiss accounts,Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi being paid by the KGB, not to speak about 2G scam.

Add LN Mishra’s Murder, Purulia Arms Drop Nagavala Case where the CBI investigating officer Raghavan was murdered.

Then Sanjay Gandhi Murder.

Now the famous or infamous, depends on your perspective, Mitrokin archives have been made Public by the Russian Government.

Read a sample and follow the Links for detail.

Some patriot, some ma Durga! “Durga Courtesy Vajpayee)

Article 370 Text and The Unknown Background

The new Government led by Narendra Modi is caught in a controversy over the remark of a Minister that Article 370 of the Constitution of India will be


The Article ostensibly grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir,India.

Or is it?

Omar Abdulla the hereditary Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir(His father, Grand father, reported to be a step brother of Jawaharlal Nehru) have b

been Chief Ministers) tweeted .

‘ Come clean on Article 370’

Let us seen what is ‘unclean’ in repealing this Act?

Many may not aware of the Full Text of this Act.

List Of 449 Government Schemes With Nehru Gandhi Names

It does not matter whether the leader in alive or Dead.

In Tamil Nadu , one will find the statues of EVR Annadurai, MGR most prominently.

You will find at least one Gandhi Road/Nagar, Anna Road/Nagar,MGR Nagar/Road.

And there are pockets with the DMK’s name( who is alive and kicking vigorously)

Not to be outdone, the sycophants in the Government of India had beaten the Dravidian Parties to the pulp!

By naming 449 Central Government projects with Gandhi, Nehru Family Name.

Nehru Provoked Sino- Indian War 1962

2.After the conquest by the Sikh Confederacy of Ladakh in 1842 the territory became a disputed one with the Chinese as it was owned by The Chinese and

when the British conquered the Sikhs, the territory became territory which was guaranteed by the Kashmir,which was defeated by the Sikhs , who were

finally taken over by the British.

So British control in a guarantee of Fourth Order,,British to Sikhs, Sikhs to Kashmir, Kashmir to Ladakh!

This is the ownership of the territory for which China attacked India.

Was China’s attack unprovoked?


Nehru provoked it.