800 Years Sculpture Child In Womb,Sundara Kamakshi, Chinna Karumbur

There is a temple where sculpture of a Baby in the Womb is found. Accurate position of the baby, as one would find in a Scan

Temple Construction Pdf Texts Not Veda Upa Veda Temple Construction 3

I seem to landing on controversies when I start writing in detail. I have written on Temple construction History. I have mentioned that temple Worship is not mentioned in the Vedas. A reader had sent me information that it is a part of Atharva Veda,called Stapatya Veda. There are articles by eminent people like Sri.Ganapathy … Continue reading Temple Construction Pdf Texts Not Veda Upa Veda Temple Construction 3

Madurai India Atlantis Construction Similar

This coupled with the emerging Lemuria,the part played by Malayathdwaja Pandya,father of Madurai Meenakshi took part in the Mahabharata battle on the side of Pandavas,Krishna and Arjuna married Pandyan princesses and had children through them,Balarama visited Murugan in the south,Krishna participated in Tamil Poets' Conclave,Krishna defeated a Pandya King....

Vishnu Feet In Humayun Tomb

As it happens with me, i stumbled to some information which is worth writing about. Lord Vishnu's Feet have been found on Humayun Tomb. And the Humayun tomb was built on a Vishnu Pada Temple. Stephen Knapp had published a Photo of this.

Ten Forms Vishnu Dashavatra Temple Deogarh

The ancient treatise Vishnudharmottara Purana describes several temples including a "Sarvatobhadra temple", which has been compared by archaeologists and Indologists with the Dashavatara Temple (Vishnu temple) or the Gupta Mandir of Deogarh. A comparative study revealed that the ideal temple design described in the treatise as "Sarvatobhadra temple" was the same as the Vishnu temple of Deogarh.