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Subrahmanya Formula Agnishtoma An Orgy?

Subrahmanya is considered as the Best among Brahmins as He is reported to have explained the meaning of Pranava OM to His Father Lord Shiva.( hence Subrahmanya is called Swaminathan).

But in the hands of the Foreign Scholars(?) with a Mission to destroy Hinduism and half baked pseudo left wing(?) writers this sentence and the ceremony associated with it takes a beating.

From Max Muller to Ambedkar,.

Why Ganapati Homa? Mantras Text

Faced with obstacles he can not explain or control,
Results of his efforts are not in his favor,
Unexplained illness in the family,
Mental turbulence,
About to enter into a new endeavor or entering a new house,whether rented or own home
Or praying for auspiciousness at home or business.
Being an important Homa this has to be performed with utmost care and devotion.