Brain Waves Alpha To Delta Hinduism Consciousness Four Stages

Consciousnes is called Chit. The Stilling of the thought waves is the goal of Yoga. At this level, your mind, the brain waves reach the Alpha level and Gamma is just behind it( as of now in Science). Hinduism goes further by stating that Thuriya can not be explained and one gets submerged in Consciousness which an attribute of Brahman, the Reality.

Vedas on Consciousness

The activity of the Brain is Mind,(Science) Activity of the ind is Intellect, activity of the Intellect is Chitta(Indian Philosophy). Mind is like a CPU , it receives sensations /Data. No factual or judgemental pronunciations are made. The Judgemental portion or the factual certification is made by Buddhi(Intellect). How does Buddhi pass judgements or values to an even or sensations. It is by the directions of the Chitta, Consciousness. Consciousness in an attribute of Reality. It is the Subject in the process of Cognition.

Detachment Determination Technics Yoga 1.15

We take many Resolutions on every New Year. But they are followed very rarely. Why? The things we get attached to our Consciousness that it is difficult to shake them. We look at sense objects. We feel them, either by curiosity , Peer pressure or by what others tell us. Before experiencing the objects of the senses, these objects were there , they would be even after we leave them. It is only when we attach our selves to them we experience them. Like Liquor. We take to Drinking, out of curiosity,peer pressure or we hear of it often. Before that it was there and it would be if we leave them alone. So the experiencing and the subsequent enjoyment is because of our attachments to these objects of senses. The operative Principle here is the 'Attachment' Our seeking objects of enjoyment is of two kinds. One, that we attend to because we want to 'satisfy' a need, more specifically an 'urge' This demand of ours originates from our Instincts. There are these primary instincts. Survival, Thirst, Hunger, Sex, and Gregariousness(to be with others). Satisfaction of these instincts provides us 'Relief' more than pleasure. Pleasure comes later when we get used to these objects when we start accessing them more than we need and start getting pleasure, the next stage of Satisfaction. Then this pleasure seeking becomes a Habit and you are hooked. One becomes miserable if one does not get these objects. had we remained at the 'Satisfaction Level, this would not have happened. In Sanskrit these needs to relieve one's urges are called 'Upadhi'( not the Philosophical term Upadhi) You need to relieve yourself, you do it;but you do not persist or crave for it, unless you have a Constipation problem!

Sleep Stages, ‘Not Absence Of Thoughts’ Yoga Sutra 1.10

Sleep and Dreams, are the two states of which we know precious little. Sigmund Freud, in his attempt to interpret the Dreams, has set up a system of Psychiatry, blames every one for their actions but themselves. He had interpreted Dreams only as an expression of Sex and depressed desires. Jung professed 'Freud conceived the unconscious solely as a repository of repressed emotions and desires. Jung agreed with Freud's model of the unconscious, what Jung called the "personal unconscious", but he also proposed the existence of a second, far deeper form of the unconscious underlying the personal one. This was the collective unconscious, where thearchetypes themselves resided, represented in mythology by a lake or other body of water, and in some cases a jug or other container. Freud had actually mentioned a collective level of psychic functioning but saw it primarily as an appendix to the rest of the psyche' Then we have many Behavioral Psychologists. These scholars saw Mind as a Blind seeing An Elephant" seeing a part and interpreting it to suit them. Patanjali goes to the basics. Since we do not remember anything in sleep, is Sleep 'Absence of Thoughts?' He says NO.

Yoga Is ”Cessation Of Thought Waves” Sutra 2

This is the beginning Sutra of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, the fist one being an indication of what is being said in The Sutras. "Yogah: Chitta VruththiNirodha" Translation; Yoga means the Cessation of the Modification of The Chittha. Yoga is communion or reverting back to The State. Communion is with our Inner Self. We have Brain, … Continue reading Yoga Is ”Cessation Of Thought Waves” Sutra 2