Chera King Cheralaathan Expedition to Himalayas 5100 CE

There had been interaction between the people and kings of Aryavartha ,from the North of Vindhyas and the people and kings of Dravida Desa,South India.There have been marriages between Royal dynasties of South and North.Krishna, Arjuna,Bheema married princesses from South.Sri Rama’s sister was married to Rushyashrunga from Sringeri, Karnataka.

The three Ancient dynasties of South, Chera,Cholzha and Pandyas were in constant touch with the kings of North.During Kurukshetra war, Mahabharata, Madurai Meenakshi’s Father ,Saranga,aka Malayadwaja,fought alongside the Pandavas.

In the same war, Chera King Udiyan Cheralaathan provided food for both Pandava and Kaurava Armies.Because of this, he was called ,’ Perun Chotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan’ one who filled the stomach of a lot of people,i.e. he fed a lot of people. He also performed Tharapana,Religious rite for the dead, for those Dead ( who had no children).He was the King who gave lands and houses to Brahmins in Chera Kingdom, with a stipulation that he shall seize the gifts back the day he does not see smoke from Homa, Religious Rite Fire!

His son was Cheralaathan. He is called Imayavaramban Neduncheralaathan’,in honour of his having vanquished kings from North India and reached Himalayas.This is mentioned in Pathittuppathu, Sangam Literature of Tamil. Mahabharata date is ‘So the date of the Mahabharat War is pin-pointed as 16th October 5561′

The Song Explains that , Neduncheralathan was born to Uthayan Cheralathan and Venmaal Nallini , It explains about his Successful Himalayan Conquest and had engraved his victorious symbol of Bow and Arrow in Himalayas , It also says that Neduncheralathan had earned huge wealth during his conquest defeating his foes on his way to Himalayas and have said to have shared all those wealth earned to his forces and to people of his kingdom. Pathirrupaththu 2nd 10 Songs sung by Kumattoor Kannanar about Imayavaramban Neduncheralathan as below :

Generally considered as the earliest known ruler of the Chera family from the Tamil texts (and the possible hero of the lost first decad of Pathitrupattu). Uthiyan Cheral was also known as “Vanavaramban” (Purananuru). His headquarters were at Kuzhumur (Akananuru). He is described as the Chera ruler who prepared food (“the Perum Chotru”) for Pandavas and the Kauravas at the Kurukshetra War (Purananuru and Akananuru). He Married Nallini, daughter of Veliyan Venman, and was the father of Imayavaramban Nedum Cheralathan (Pathitrupattu (II)).

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    • Yes. 5600 BC. Corrected it. Thank you.Messing around with dates by organising it from the middle because of a Man plays havoc with dates.I get confused often.Regards


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