Indian History Kashmir Kings 2448 BC -1753 BC

Indian history seen through the prism of western writers,Moghuls and our own brand of self styled liberal, Secularists,consists of only myths and legends.

This mental attitude helped the rulers to ignore and ridicule our History.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that our kings and poets have documented history. The king’s have documented their reign,wars won,Extent of their kingdom,Taxes levied ,Grants given to people and administration details. These documents are in the form of Epigraphs in temples,Copperplates. The poets have sung in praise of kings where they had listed details about the land,flora and fauna, genealogy of the king and his achievements. Brushing aside the hyperbole about the king ,one can find wealth of contemporary information.

This information is available in Sanskrit, Sanskrit Brahmi,Pali from Buddist and Jain texts and from Regions languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu.Tamil has a hoary past and Tamil culture runs parallel to Vedic culture and there is a close intimacy between these two cultures. Each quotes the other and this is a mine of information.

Kalhana had listed the kings of India from just before Mahabharata war. The list can be cross checked with the records one finds in Epigraphs, Copper plates ,Puranas and Ithihasas.

‘Kalhana mentions that Gonanda I ascended the throne in 653 Kali calendar era. According to Jogesh Chander Dutt’s calculation, this year corresponds to 2448 BCE. The total reign of the following kings is mentioned as 1266 years.

Serial NumberName of the KingYears reignedBefore Loukikabda (3076 B.C.)Before Christ.1-5Names not known212374-1623450-32381Gonanda I50162-1123238-3188

2Damodara I48112-643188-3140

3Yasovati ( wife of 2 and mother of 4)½64-63½3140-3139½

4Gonanada II56½63½-73139½-3083

No.4 king Gonanda II ruled for 56½ years, 1½ years before Mahabharata War and 55 years after the war.

Kings 5 to 39 : According to Kalhana names are not known. But Mulla Ahmed’s history of Kashmir written in the Persian language gives the list of the lost 35 kings of Kashmir from No.5-39 of the list given in Kalhana’s Rajntharangini. Gonanda II (the 4th king in the list of the Kings of Kalhana’s Rajatarangini) was Killed in a battle by Parikshit, king of Hastinapura in 3083 B.C. As Gonanda II left no heir, Parikshit incorporated Kashmir into his empire. He ruled it from Hastinapura for 42 years. At the time of his death, in 3041 B.C., Parikshit gave Kashmir to his second son “Harnadeva”. 23 kings of the Pandava dynasty and twelve other kings ruled for 1331 years from 3083-1752 B.C.

. Parikshit ruled for 42 year from 7 B.L. to 35 A.L. or 3083-3041 B.C.
6. Hernadeva
7. Rama deva
8. Vyasadeva
9. Drunadeva
10. Simhadeva
11. Gopaladeva
12. Vijayananda
13. Sukhadeva
14. Ramananda
15. Sandhiman
16. Marahandeva & Kamandeva.
17. Chandradeva
18. Anandadeva
19. Drupadadeva
20. Harnamdeva
21. Sulkandeva
22. Sinaditya
23. Mangaladitya
24. Khimendra
25. Bhimasena
26. Indrasena
27. Sundarasena
28. Galgendra
29. Baladeva
30. Nalasena
31. Gokarna
32. Prahlada
33. Bambru
34. Pratapaseela
35. Sangrama chandra
36. Larik chandra
37. Biramchamdra
33. Babighana
39. Bhagavanta
The above 34 kings from no.6 to no.39 ruled for 1289 years , A.L. 35 to 1324, or B.C 3041 to 1752.

52. Gonanda III Crowned in 1894 After Laukikabda Kala or 1182 B.C. Gonanda I was a poet. Dharma-Asoka was the 48th king of Kashmir, counting from Gonanda I. He belonged to the Gonanda dynasty. Kalhana says that this king freed himself from sins by embracing Buddha’s religion and built the city of Srinagar, with ninety-six lakhs of houses, resplendent with wealth. He appears to have been a poet.( R.T. 1-101 )

Source for the list quoted is from

The above site is quite authentic and information is well researched and I thank the writer of this for bringing out the true history of India.

I shall be writing on each king. I request readers to help me by contributing information from Sanskrit and Regional language texts.

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  1. Sir, Maharishi Dayananda, founder of Arya Samaj, in his book Satyarth Prakash has given a list of all rulers of Indraprasth/ Hstinapur starting from Yudhishthira to the last Hindu ruler of Delhi before its conquest by Mohammad Ghory in 1192 AD. This list is in chapter 11 of the book.He has mentioed the years, months and days each ruler ruled. Hlp from this book can also be taken.


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