Indian History Kashmir Kings 1752 BC to 1182 BC

Here is the list of Indian Kings of Kashmir from 1752 BC to 1182 BC.

This is in continuation of the Kings list from Mahabharata war till 1753 BC.

S. No. King B.C

40. Lava-1752-1713

41. Kusa or Kusesaya1713-1674


43. Surendra ( Issueless)1635-1596

44. Godhara ( Another

Kshatriya family)1596-1557

45. Suvarna 1557-1518

46. Janaka 1518-1479

47. Sachinara (His Paternal uncle Sakuni’s Great Grandson -1479-1448

48. Asoka or Dharmasoka

dom and Mlechchas( Gonanda Dynasty)1448-1400 . He lost his kingdim,Milechas occupied it and he fled to forest.

49. His son Jaelauka- (reconquered and reigned). 1400-1344

50. Damodara II 1344-1294

51. Hushka, Jushka and Kanishka 1294-1234

52. Abhimanyu-1234-1182


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