Ashoka Great Grandson Shakuni of Mahabharata

One of the Myths about India is that Indians do not record history.And whatever that passes for history is A Myth and Legend. This view by the invaders ,right from Moghuls through the British to the present secularists has no basis.

No other country has such detailed description of the Land,flora and fauna,names of Kings,the period of Reign,the laws passed by them,the grants given away by them…….. Such details are found in the Puranas,Ithihasas,Epigraphs,copper plates in Sanskrit, Brahmi,Regional languages, for example,Tamil,Kannada, Telugu.These are found in Temples as well.In addition Sanskrit literary works, Regional languages like Tamil recorded Indian history.Despite these records,the canard of India not recording history has been promoted so that doctored History can be pushed.

One such is about Ashoka.

Rajatarangini by Harsha is an excellent source for Indian history. It was written by Harsha , Kashmir King.

We find that there were two Ashokas.

The earliest Asoka was the Great grandson of Shakuni ( brother of Gandhari,Dhritharashtra’s wife) of Mahabharata.

His period 1488 – 1400 BC.

‘Great-grandson of Shakuni and son of Shachinara’s first cousin. Built a great city called Srinagara (near but not same as the modern-day Srinagar). In his days, the mlechchhas (foreigners) overran the country, and he took sannyasa. According to Kalhana’s account, this Ashoka would have ruled in the 2nd millennium BCE, and was a member of the dynasty founded by Godhara. Kalhana also states that this king had adopted the doctrine of Jina, constructed stupas and Shiva temples, and appeased Bhutesha (Shiva) to obtain his son Jalauka. Despite the discrepancies, multiple scholars identify Kalhana’s Ashoka with the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, who adopted Buddhism.[6] Although “Jina” is a term generally associated with Jainism, some ancient sources use it to refer to the Buddha.[7]

There was another Ashoka of Gonanda Vamsa ,( 1488 -1400 BC).He became a Bauddha and because of this,Bauddhas from Central Asia destroyed his Kingdom.

His son Jalauka defeated them and chased them away.He also restored Vedic practices.

2 responses to “Ashoka Great Grandson Shakuni of Mahabharata”

  1. Sir, what about the discrepancy of 1,200 years deliberately caused by William Jones by bringing in the doubtful Megasthenese accounts to replace the Guptas with the Mauryas, thereby telescoping the history by these many years. There is incorrect mention of Vijramaditya of Ujjaiyini who replaced the Guptas and established Vikram Era.
    The list of Shankaracharya held at Dwarika and Kanchi validates Shankara’s advent in 600 BC rather than 600 AD.
    These lists must be made public to correct our records and history.


    • True. I will be writing on the Dynasties of India.Also the date of Vikramaditya. And on the gap of history from Gupta period to Harsha vardhana and the gap before Kanishka.


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