Kanchipuram Tribe In Vasishta Viswamitra War

Many tribes are mentioned in the Ancient texts of India, The Vedas,Puranas,Ramayana, Mahabharata and later works of Poets like Kalidasa.

The Rig Veda describes the tribes in detail.

And these mention that some these tribes scattered around the world, thus sowing the seeds of Sanatana Dharma around the world.

Also there was another civilization flourishing in the south of Vindhya mountains.

It was the Dravida, now being identified as Lemurianas and MU civilizations.

Apart from this there were two more civilizations in place.

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu India.jpg
Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu India.

They were,

The Uighurs and

The Atlanis People.

For more details please read my article Rama dropped Atom Bomb.

The Vedic texts refer to the Dravidians and the Chera,Chola and Pandya Kings.

They were present during the Swayamvara of Damayanti, which predates Ramayana, of Draupadi and the Rajasuya Yaga of Yudhishtra.

And the Kings from the South participated in the MahabharataWar.

Now to the tribes mentioned in the Ancient texts of India.

The earliest reference is to the Battle of Ten Kings.

We find references to many tribes.

There was a war between the Kings mostly from the North of Vindhyas.

Now there is yet another reference of the  Tribes of India , involving Sage Vasishta and Viswamitra.

Sage Vasishta, though the Family Priest of the Ikshvaku Dynasty, not much of is heard of him after Ramayana.

It seems that he left with Shiva and Ganesha towards the west of India during a Tsunami,while Vaiwasvatha Manu left for Ayodhya to found the Ikshvaku Dynasty.

There is a reference that Sage Viswamitra banished his 51 sons to Dravida Desa( History of the Tamils by PT. Srinivasa Iyeangar).

Now let us look at these two facts together to find out more about the tribes of Dravida Desa.

One of the Tribes who took the side of Vasishta against Viswamitra when the latter tried to take away Vasishta’s Cow,Nandini , is the Kanchi .

Kanchi, Kanchipuram finds a reference in all the Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Harivamsa of Kalidasa and Bhrthuhari’s works.

Kanchi was called the learning center of the south like Nalanda in the North.

Tamil Classics also speak of Kanchi,and the Sangam Literature calls it as Kanchi Mudur,Ancient Kanchi.( The Term Mudur is used only for two cities (Mudur),Madurai and Kanchi).

These two cities are quite ancient if one goes through these references.

A Brahmin from Kanchi founded Cambodia Vietnam Thailand

Kanchi tribe is mentioned in the Mahabharata Thus,

When the sage Vasistha was attacked by king Viswamitra’s army, Vasistha’s cow, Kamadehnu, brought forth from her tail, an army of Palhavas, and from her udders, an army of Dravidas and Sakas; and from her womb, an army of Yavanas, and from her dung, an army of Savaras; and from her urine, an army of Kanchis; and from her sides, an army of Savaras. And from the froth of her mouth came out hosts of Paundras and Kiratas, Yavanas and Sinhalas, and the barbarous tribes of Khasas and Chivukas and Pulindas and Chinas and Hunas with Keralas, and numerous other Mlechchhas.

In the ancient Indian literature, cow is a symbol of earth or land. Thus the myth mentioned above simply means that, these tribes gathered for the protection of sage Vasistha’s land against the army of king Viswamitra.(

  • Mahabharata, Book 1, Chapter 177)

References and Citations.



And some moments after, from her tail she brought forth an army of Palhavas, and from her udders, an army of Dravidas and Sakas; and from her womb, an army of Yavanas, and from her dung, an army of Savaras; and from her urine, an army of Kanchis; and from her sides, an army of Savaras.
Mbh.5.161.7227 Like a frog having its abode in a well, why art thou not able to realise the might of this vast army of the assembled monarchs, invincible, looking like the very celestial host, and protected by these lords of men, as the heavenly host by the gods themselves, protected that is, by the kings of the East, the West, the South and the North, by the Kamvojas, the Sakas, the Khasas, the Salwas, the Matsyas, the Kurusof the middle country, the Mlechchhas, the Pulindas, the Dravidas, the Andhras, and the Kanchis, this host of many nations, ready for battle, and resembling the uncrossable current of the Ganga.

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  2. GGGGRRRRRRR88888888888 Write up; even it is not authentic!
    But as the axiom goes, where there is smoke, there is fire too; as such we have to interpret the Mythology with the happenings and recordings available on Earth to get to the Final Truth!


    • Thank you. The point is I am yet to what authenticity is especially regarding Indian history. Probably from the west or from Self styled Indian secular main stream(?)Historians! Indian historical facts , I am presenting, are mostly from foreign sources deliberately because that satisfies the Intelligentsia!Regards.


      • Can understand that!!!
        I am into finding what happened to Saraswati River Civilizations; N; The results are surprising and very pleasant!


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