Arabia Land Of Liquor From Dates,Ramayana

I had written on the Kingdom of Rama and how it encompassed the world.

Also how he fought against the Atlanteans.

There are references in the Ramayana about the various Kingdoms where people belonging to Sanatana Dharma resided and some who did not subscribe to the Sanatana dharma and were called Milechas.

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Lord Rama In Sumeria

There were also people though rooted in Sanatna Dharma followed a slightly different form of religion, like the Dravidas.

One more group of people were those who were the antagonists of the  Kings who followed Sanatana Dharma and they were called as Dasyus.

In the course of sifting through the groups mentioned in the Vedas,Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata , one comes across references to places which we now consider as Foreign.

One has to remember that the landmass of ancient times was different from what it is today.

Please read my articles on this.


The Ramayana mentions Arabia thus,

ikṣhūn madhūn tathā lājān maireyān cha vara āsavān |
pānāni cha mahāarhāṇi bhakṣhyān cha uchcha avachān tathā || 1-53-2

2. ikSuun madhuun tathaa laajaan = sugar-cane [and its dishes,] honey [and its dishes,] like that, cornflakes, [rice-flakes etc.,]; vara aasavaan [aasanaan] = best, liquors [or, with best wineglasses]; maireyaan ca = arracks [Arabic ‘arak ‘sweat’, ‘arak al-tamr ‘alcoholic spirit from dates in Arabia, and from sugar-cane and rice in India,] also; mahaa arhaaNi paanaani ca = highly [very,] apposite to [royalties and army-men,] drinks, further; tathaa = like that; ucca avacaan = verily, diverse; bhakSyaan ca = foodstuffs, also; [shabala vidadhe = Shabala, bestowed.]

Shabala bestowed dishes of sugar cane and honey, and flakes of all sorts, like cornflakes, rice-flakes, also best arracks and liquors in best wineglasses, further, the drinks and foodstuffs that are very diverse and verily apposite to royalties and army-men. [1-53-2]’

Valmiki Ramayana , Bala Kanda, Sarga 533, Sloka 2

Arabia was known for Arrack, a local intoxicating Spirit brewed from Dates.

Reference and Citation.

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