Goddess Abhirami Plays How

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There are incidents in one’s Life which defy Logic.

We, those who have not experienced them, brush them aside , saying it is a coincidence,vivid imagination.

Full of Life, we make jest of such things.

But when one faces difficult circumstances, one tends to clutch even a straw.

The difference between Gnani and ordinary mortals is that the former learns and proceeds towards Realization; we ,though for a moment are moved, get on with our Lives as usual!

I have personal experience of such incidents,

I have narrated a couple of them as Posts.

I have a friend, who is running a Media Group in Tamil ,a Film producer,Political commentator and very much down to earth.

Though not an Atheist or an Agnostic, one can not say he is deeply religious.

I met him , on his personal invitation, (after reading my blog,) in Chennai in March 2015 for the first time.

I went to his office around 2 pm and we were discussing many things, mainly Politics, News till 10.30 pm.

As I informed my eldest sister-in-law and my wife that I would be back in about two hours, they were worried and kept on calling me.

Finally I returned home by about 11.30pm.

What did we discuss at length?

As we were discussing politics and other things, topic turned towards Philosophy and Religion.

In the course of our talks he narrated this incident.

Let me narrate it in his words.

‘By now, you know I am not strictly religious, though I Believe in God.

I have been associated with Kanchi Mutt very closely and now have distanced by self after the passing away of the Maha Periyava.

I was then running more Magazines , which were trend setters and  I was kept busy .

During this period my wife fell ill and that too critically.

She was admitted to Apollo Hospitals ,Chennai.

She was on Oxygen and Doctors informed me that they had done their best and the rest is with God.

I was by her side for over eight days.

On the eighth day, I dozed off.

I had a vivid dream, where Goddess Abhirami bade me to come to Thirukkadavur.

I woke up.

I called my driver and proceeded towards Thirukkadavur.

It was Monson time in Tamil Nadu,July/August.

It was raining heavily.

With great difficulty we covered th distance in about ten hours and I reached the temple around 6 am.

The Sanctum had opened just then.

The Kurukkal, Archaka, was awaiting the arrival of Milk for morning Abhisheka.

Time wore by… 6.0..7… 7.30…

The archaka became restless as it was getting late and devotees have gathered and it was raining very heavily.

Then around 7.45 came a boy with an Aluminium Can of Milk.

The Archaka scolded him for being late.

The boy just smiled and went off saying that the Cows were sick.

The Abhishekam went on.

It was concluded by about 9 am.

Then came a man and asked the archaka for his forgiveness.

He stated that he could not provide the Milk that day as his cows were sick!

The archaka told him that a boy had come and delivered the Milk stating that the Cows were sick!

The man replied that he had no assistants!

..The Abhishekam over, Archanai began.

I started to offer details for the Archanai , but the Archaka kept on overlooking me and went on performing Archanai for the others.

I t was 9.30.

I asked him to perform the Archana .

He told me that the next Abhishekam will start shortly and he will perform the Archana, afer the Abhshekam and the mandatory Kattali Abhishekam by some other party, which was scheduled for the day.

I waited.

The Abhishekam over , the Archanai began for the other party who had scheduled the Archana for the day.

I was totally dejected as my archanai was not being done as I felt it was a bad omen.

But I looked on.

The Archanai Sankalpam began.

The Nakshatra was Magha, my wife’ nakshatra!

The name was my wife’s.!

Then the daughter’s name and nakshatra were recited,

They were my daughter’s!

I had realized then,

It was Abhirami’s way of Blessing Me!…

I did not do the Archanai as It had already been done.

…Darshan over, I started for Chennai and it continued raining heavily.

The Driver found it difficult to drive.

In the meanwhile I was running a high fever and was shivering, feeling giddy.

I told the driver to park the Car in a safe place.

I was shivering with fever and was delirious.

The driver said that he would manage by driving carefully.

I had dozed off and after an hour I saw a small girl sitting in the front seat near the driver, talking to him.

She was wearing a Green Petticoat,( a dress worn by young girls in the south)

I was trying to shout at the driver not to pick up hitch hikers.

If he wanted more money I could give it to him.

But no words came!

I slept off.

As I  woke up, the Driver was saying,

‘Sir, We are nearing Chennai, it is 5.30″

I asked him how it could be as I told him to wait and asked him.

‘Where is the girl whom you picked up?

He replied that the girl got down at the outskirts of Tirukkadavur saying that there would be no problem in reaching Chennai.

And that I and asked him to pick her up and was chatting with her!

He said he did not charge her.

We reached the Hospital.

My wife was looking normal and her oxygen had been removed.

She was able to talk and told me that some one who said he was close friend of mine gave her Kumkum prasadm from Thirukkadavur.

She asked me that who it was as she knew all my close friends.

I could not place him even after my wife’s description of him.

Then I remembered the Deity Abhiramai was wearing green Petticoat after the Abhishekam!

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9 responses to “Goddess Abhirami Plays How”

  1. I am a deeply devoted , & recite ABIRAMI ANDADHI . Now i am convinced miracle can happen when need arises .


  2. I am indeed in loss of words. Devi will help us if we r sincere and not doubting. I can believe anything can happen. U r indeed blessed. Thanks for sharing. U can continue to do so.


  3. Thank you for the Copy write information. When I am doing research I copy notes, and then it becomes a problem to share because of infringement. You have provided a good approach on how we can explain we are not stealing the information…as long as we accredit the source, make reference to it.


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