Thirukkadavur Abhirami Shiva Contact Details.

Thirukkadavur, the place from Lakshmi can not be moved from or will not leave is dedicated to Amirthakadeswarar, Shiva, who has Amirtha, nectar.
Those who worship Him would gain the liberation of the Soul.


As usual, the abstract meaning got lost and people throng this place for longevity.
Though it is granted, the real benefit is removal of Human ignorance that he is limited and mortal.
Here Shiva as Ishwara helps one transcend the fear of death and guides one in the path of Knowledge and Liberation.
People have their Shastiapthapoorthy/sathabhishekam ( completion of 60/ 80 years).
This is done throughout the year.
Interesting to note is that the Lord’s consort Devi called as Abhirami wields equal if not more power than Ishwara who stripped Yama, the God of Death of his power to take away Lives.
This to save Shiva’s Devotee Markandeya.
Markandeya became immortal and  is among the Immortals of Hinduism.
Please read my post on the Immortals of Hinduism.
Devi Abhirami rushed to the rescue of her devotee Abhirama Bhattar by displaying Her Earrings in the sky because,In the Divine Ecstasy of watching Abhirami mentally, he declared a New Moon Day( amavasya) as Full Moon Day , Pournami!
Abhirami Bhattar had no male child.
His great great grandson through his daughter is working in the Temple.
This information is to show that the incidence relating to Abhirami and  Abhirami Bhattar is not a story.
The Deity is my personal Deity and   I visit her when I want to see Her.
No prayers , just to look at Her.
As a a spin off , I would find my problems or issues sorted out before I return home.
There is the old Smasana, the Burning Ghat where Shiva is present and one must not miss it.
The Temple is open between 6 am and 1230 om and between 4 and 8 pm.
For assistance one may contact 04364 287784,
+91 9840470591, 94433 98591
Swaminatha Gurukkal/ Ravichandra Gurukkal.


  1. might find this vid Interesting where the Equator could have been before 1054 AD, before the cataclysmic shift. This guy takes the Nasca lines and extends them around the globe and it intersects many sacred sites and I was wondering about, the intersection of the 8 temples in INDIA on the 79 DEGREE lat going South…. Thank you for your research. my email is


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