Cure Autism Virupaksha Temple Color Changing Shiva

Mulabagal Virupaksha Temple,image

I have published an article containing Veda Mantra for curing Autism.

There is a Temple for curing Autism.

This is near Mulabhagal Kolar District,Karnataka.

The radiation from the Athmalinga from the Sanctum is believed to cure Autism, improves  Intelligence.

There are two Lingas.

The Athma Linga changes its color thrice a Day.

This Athma Linga is blood-red in color in the early mornings, in afternoons it is white, and in the evenings it takes honey color.

There are two more places where the Shiva Linga changes color.

One is in Mangalore Kantheswara Temple and another is in near Myiladuthurai, where The Lord Shiva‘s Idol changes its colors five times a day coinciding with the Kala Pooja, the poojas conducted at fixed hours daily..

Atma Linga.png
Atma Linga,Virupakshapura Village in Mulbagal taluk of Kolar dist, Karnataka.

You may visit the temple between 6.15 and 6.30 am and between 5.30 and 5.45 pm .

The Sun’s rays will fall in the temple in a particular spot.

Keep the afflicted in the Rays for three to five minutes.

Perform an Archana in the name of the afflicted person to Lord Shiva.

Feed the poor and the number of persons to be fed depends on your budget.

Giving them money instead of food is not advisable.

Nothing else is needed.


Mobile numbers.+919980980205


He speaks Kannada,Tamil and Malayalam.

You may visit the temple between ,,5.15 and 6 pm.

6 am to 6.30 am.

Suggest contacting priest a day earlier.


Notice at Virupaksha Temple.image
Information at Virupaksha Temple,Mulabagal

In the same sanctum, there is another Linga slightingly bigger than the Virupaksha athma linga called  ”Marga-Darsh-Neshwara Linga”. The story dates back to many 1000 centuries.  Atreya Muni did penance to lords shiva in front of Marga-Darsh-Neshwara Linga for many decades. Lord Shiva pleased by Artreya’s devotion, showed up to him and handed the Virupaksha athma linga as token of appreciation. Athreya Muni, established the linga in the same sanctum.

How to reach.

Shared route
From Bengaluru to PuraaNa Prasidda Sri Someswara Temple via NH75.

1 hr 50 min (95 km)
1 hr 54 min in current traffic

1. Head north towards Grant Rd/Vittal Mallya Rd
2. Turn left onto Grant Rd/Vittal Mallya Rd
3. Turn right onto Kasturba Rd
4. Continue straight onto MG Road
5. Turn left onto Bhaskaran Rd/Kensington Rd
6. Continue straight onto Bhaskaran Rd/Kensington Rd/Murphy Rd
7. Use any lane to turn slightly left onto Swamy Vivekananda Rd
8. Continue straight onto NH75
9. Keep right to stay on NH75
10. Continue straight to stay on NH75
11. Turn left onto NH206
12. Arrive at location: PuraaNa Prasidda Sri Someswara Temple

For the best route in current traffic visit
Mulbagal is in Kolar district of Karnataka state in India. It ‘s about 100 km from Bangalore and 30 km from Kolar on the Bangalore-Chennai National Highway. Also, it’s one of the taluks in Kolar district.

There is very very good hotel and lodge nearby ie., in NH 4 after Mulbagal 3 kms and very near to the road leading to virupaksha temple . Hotel sree Saravana Bhavan . accommodation and food both are excellent .

Mantra For curing Autism.Temples of India

“Parents are to recite this Mantra for Forty five starting from Suklapaksha Chaturthi or Panchami(the fourth or the Fifth day of the waxing Moon).

Early morning recital is most effective, between 4-30 and 6 am.

Face North-east

1008 times a Day.”


40 responses to “Cure Autism Virupaksha Temple Color Changing Shiva”

  1. Thak you so much it there anything for small children health issues like asthma , allergy, immunity, healthy long life


  2. Dear Ramananji,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. I had the grace of lord Shiva to visit this temple on the 28th of June when I was in India along with my mother, wife, brother, bhabi and my 5.5 year old son who is mildly autistic. The experience was divine and we could sense the divine vibrations at the energy spot just behind the Nandi. Did a special sankalpam for my son. Thanks for posting the wonderful article.

    It seems the colour changing phenomenon happens during Ratha Saptami time between Jan 15th to Feb15th and the intensity of energy is much higher. If Lord shiva graces, I hope to visit during that time frame again.

    Best Regards,


  3. my son doing college studies is not interested in education and never do writing work and fail in all subject due to lack of confidence,courage,briskness and interest in education. what helps him to recover from this state.


  4. sir my son is 3.5 yrs old the problem is very restless in class and not attending the class and beat ups all children some time but at home he say I will not beat is friends in class but in class he does the same and some times he even pushs is teacher from back and he laughs. Sir pls let me know any temple for this behavioural problem to be cured and also he does not sit in one place when he goes out pls let me know which temple to be seen


    • Do not orry too much about a child of about 4 Years.make sure you reard him for good behaviour,The child does not know what it it is doing.try to enage the child at home by spending more time.This behaviour is normal in children.If the prblem persists, consult a dcotor for Thyroid imbalance.This may be done as a last resort.Do not the meanwhile you can chant subrahmanya Bhujanga Stotra.


  5. Dear Sir,

    Has any kid been cured of autism in your knowledge so far ? I have a six year old daughter who is mildly autistic. Her language for communication is not developing properly. Can you please guide us ? Regards, JK


  6. Sir, my friend Mr. Robin Francis, is having an only child about 10 yrs of age now. He has some neurological problem due to which his body is not well formed & is unable to speak, sit, walk or do anything what a normal boy of his age can do. I would personally request u to suggest wat best can be done for him.

    Chetan K


  7. hi Sir ,

    Thanks for sharing this info . fortunately i am at Bangalore and we are planning to visit this temple soon .

    Do we need to perform any specific pooja or sankalp here . can we find any priest there who can guide us about pooja .


  8. At the outset, please allow me to convey my sincere thanks to you for such a blog through which we get updated about so many temples. In your reply to Ms SHASHI ON JANUARY 2015 you have advised for visit to the temples between 7.00 am and .00 Noon and between 4,00 PM and 7.00 Pm. In your blog, you have also written that the radiation is most effective either during sunrise or sunset. I shall be grateful and obliged if you could let men know which would be the ideal time to visit as we say in Bangalore and the temple is about 100 KMs from our residence. Will it be OK if e make it between 4.00 PM and 6.00 PM. We intend to leave fo the temple tomorrow and I shall feel obliged o get a reply as early as possible.


  9. Hi sir good evening, My Name is Nayan from hubli. Sir I want to vist temple with my family bus facility is there from shimoga or not,Because we are from hubli so.
    Please give me the suggestion sir.


  10. Hi sir, i am mother of 7 years old boy with autism. We are really struggling so far. We are in gurgaon and we are very hopeful to cure him irrespective of all odds. Pls do advise me


  11. Sir, I have an autistic grandson, 13 years of age. We cannot travel to Temple in India. Is there a temple in the U.S., South Florida?


    • There is no temple of this nature in the US. If you can not, I shall suggest some Mantras which you can recite.However, if you can visit , along with your grandson this Temple in India , it would be ideal as a family from US had visited from the US and reported me that there is improvement. How old is the child?Regards. May Goddess Abhirami Bless your Family.


  12. Hello Sir,
    We live in US. I have a 5 year old child with autism who has several issues. He does not talk much, always restless, hyperactive. We consulted with astrologers. They told us his issues are due to his time of birth during eclipse.
    Can you provide any consultation?


  13. sir i saw your article regarding autism mantra from soundarya lahari 17 sloka…sir i found sloka 36 and 44 and 60…curing diseases…may i go with any one of these slokas ..or sloka 17 is aperfect one for autism..pls clarify sir little confused.


  14. Dear Sir,
    Can you please advise how many times child need to visit this temple and any particular time to visit the temple?
    For how many days we need to stay there? Do we need to perform any pooja?

    Waiting for your revert.



    • Twice in one day.You may stay there for a day.An archana in the name of your child will do.Please perform the mantra at home as explained in the article Cure for autism Mantra. I think your wife spoke to me yesterday and I have explained the details.May Goddess Abhirami Bless you.


  15. Sir I have 10 year old son,when he was 9 months baby old,he was infected to viral infection and had herpes in to his brain,as his brain is damaged,he can talk ,understand,but he is slow in mental development activities.please suggest,my no 9742144533.


    YOGA will calm them down, Meditation will let them focus and make them sit consistently, Vibrations from chanting mantras while performing Homam or any pooja will calm them down.
    The best solution is to take professional help, the technology has advanced. Remember, your kids are the wonders, Even Elon Musk and Albert Einstein were Autistic. Please trust the process, it might take time but don’t give up on them or don’t stress them out and burn their energies with unwanted drama.


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