Brahma Vishnu Shiva in Linga Moonreswara Temple Athanallur

Moonreswar temple Mantapa

The comment observed that Sri. Krishnan ridicules Lord Shiva and insults Him, when He is extolling the virtues of Shiva.

( I discussed with Sri.Krishnan on his twisting Bhagavad Gita to suit Vaishnavism.

His reply ”Swamin,Pressures’!

Shiva Linga As Penis Misinformation Story Vedic Rebuttal

Though there are practices in Tantra where Yoni (females genital organ) and Male organ is worshipped and copulation is also practiced,one should know these practices do not have the sanction of the Vedas.

2.These practices are called Vaamachaara,the left handed path and are set aside by Acharyas like Adi Shankaracharya.

3. In practices indulged by one, he is beyond sensual pleasure and performs these acts with total detachment,fixing mind on Reality.This is a rare case.

Vikramaditya Installed Shiva Linga In Kaaba?

How come the Linga was spared from destruction?

Prophet’s ancestors were worshipers of Shiva and were entrusted with the maintenance of the Kaaba temple.

Who installed the Shiva Linga in Kaaba?

Obviously the Lina should have been installed before the arrival of the Prophet.