Indane Gas Change Of Address Procedure

The following procedure  is to be followed for change of address.

Gas Connection Change of Address Aadhaar
Gas Connection Change of Address Aadhaar

In the same city.

1.Check whether the new address is being served by  your old distributor.

2.If not, go to your present gad Distributor and surrender your Gas Cylinders and get the new address registered.

You need not surrender the Regulator for change of address the same city.

3.Carry the following documents.

a)Your Gas Voucher.

b)Your Gas Bill (preferably the latest one you received on Delivery)

c) Gas Book.

d)Proof of address.

Any of the following documents which has your new Home address.


Ration Card.

Telephone(land Line Bill.

Electricity Bill.

Bank Statement.

Lease deed of the premises , containing the name of the person in whose name the name is registered.To be safe, always ensure that the name of the person in whose name the Gas connection is obtained is included in the rental agreement.

In case of Own Home, get a copy of the Flat allocation letter from the builder/House tax receipt/copy of the sale deed/construction agreement.

It is better to get your Aadhaar Linked to your Bank and Gas account.

For the entire process, you have to fill out a form.

Ensure that your details are uploaded in the system at the office, get new Gas Voucher in lieu of the old one you surrender.

You can book from the next day.

Transferred to another city.

Follow the same steps, but have to surrender the Cylinders and the Regulator.

I”n case you are shifting your residence, you may follow either of the following options :-

Within the same distributor’s area of operation — 
Advise your distributor your new address with supporting proof of residence so that he effects the change in his records and your future supplies shall then be sent to your new place of residence.

Within the same town —
In case your present distributor does not service your new place of residence, you may approach your Indane distributor with your original Subscription Voucher (SV). The distributor shall prepare a transfer termination voucher (TTV) for the place of your new residence. You can then approach the nearest Indane Distributor serving your new place of residence along with proof of residence, TTV and DGCC booklet (Domestic gas consumer card) The distributor shall prepare a Transfer Subscription voucher (TSV) against your TTV and shall provide you a new consumer number. These details will be updated in your DGCC booklet, (Domestic gas consumer card) .

In this case of a shift of residence within the same town you are not required to surrender your equipment. Hence you need to carry your Indane domestic cylinder and pressure regulator to your new residence.

While getting transferred out of town — 
In case you are transferred outside the town, you are required to surrender your Indane equipment viz. cylinder and pressure regulator to your Indane distributor. In such a case, you may approach your Indane distributor with your Subscription Voucher (SV) or Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) as the case may be & Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) along-with your Cylinder/s and Pressure Regulator. The distributor in turn will prepare a Termination Voucher (TV) in your name for your new place and refund the deposit held against the Cylinder/s and Regulator. You will also be guided to the nearest Indane distributor for future service. At the new place you can approach the nearest Indane distributor for resuming your Indane supplies.

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43 responses to “Indane Gas Change Of Address Procedure”

  1. I’m from Bangalore
    I have shifted my house in the same city and I don’t have current bill but have rental agreement can I get TTV with this…


  2. Hi sir.. I changed my old address gas delivery to a new address now .. I need an addres change proof to submit in bank for my loan . so wat I should do now to get tat address change proof??


  3. We are shifting to new house, i don’t have any proof on that address. how to change LPG connection to new address?


    • You should have address proof.Ration Card,Aadhar, Get any one of these.You can get Aadhar with House rental agreement.Without address proof it is not possible to get Gas Connection.


  4. If already shifted to new residence, that is out of previous agency.
    Able to get cylinder by booking with new agency nearby?
    How to change the address?
    Without going to previous agency….
    And can we change through online?


  5. What if, in case of transfered to other city already, then how can change address to current residence without going to previous agency?


  6. Plz chenge my adress the my new adresssadresss A27/6 B -6 sukh sagar appartment khan pur extn 110062


  7. we have linked our aadhar into bank, now we have shifted our house from present lane to next lane so is it mandatory to do change of address.
    Note: it is same distributor.


  8. Please change my adress according –VPO–Kamar from laxman singh Bathen gate Kosi kalan
    My consumer No.0007689K
    My Mob.9568005609
    Mahavir Singh –Jawaher singh


  9. Sir
    Our indane distributor, I show the EB bill for previous month for change of address.
    she didn’t accept.she asked house tax receipt only.I didn’t get this document. What can I do sir


  10. Hello Mr. Raman, I have had my address changed with the same dealer. All my bills show the new address. But the dealer doesn’t accept to give me a updated subscription voucher with the new address. Is he not entitled to update the address on the subscription voucher ?? Please let me know. Thanks.


    • Ask him once again, if he does not change the address, if you have not chaned the address in aadhaar,chane it.If you do not have aadhaar, get one using the gas subsription voucher


  11. Hi, I have linked my Aadhaar card to LPG agency and Bank. Now I have shifted within same city. The current distributor is not able to service me. Please advise on whether I should go ahead and change agency. If yes, how to re-link Aadhar.


  12. super awareness sir..please tell us about how and where to apply for Aadhar card? And what is the procedure of including the name of 21 years girl in a Ration card? Thanks


    • As to point no 1, I have a post on this under consumer forum.Pl.check
      2.Have her name address notarized and submit to Ration office.
      If they need submit Date Birth proof, Birth certificate, SSLC Marksheet, Passport as proof of age.


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