Birth Death Cleansing Process Duties Hinduism

Hinduism treats Birth and Death as normal phenomena.


It has laid down elaborate procedures to be followed in either of the events  for those around.

One becomes impure when Birth or Death occurs.

People who are related to  in the case of Birth and Death.

They become unclean to perform regular religious rites for a fixed period of time, depending on the relationship.

This is called Theettu in Tamil-தீட்டு,/விழுப்பு .

We shall look into the details.

This applies to all Castes,with slight variations for practices followed in the family.

Relationship is brought into two categories.

Father’s side -Pitru(Father,Pitamaha(Grandfather)and Prapithamaha(Great Grandfather). -Pitru Vargam

This extends to all on the branches on the father’s side,father’s Brothers,Sisters(applied selectively for the cleansing process).

Mother’s side-Matru(Mother,Matamahi(Grandmother,Grand father(Mathupithamaha) and Great Grand Father( Mathuprapitamaha)

Those on the Father’s side/lineage are called’ Sapindars’

On the Mother’s lineage they are’ Dayaadis’

The term Pangalikal is used loosely in place of Sapindars.

Sapindar means one who shares the right of offering Pindas or Rice ball after Death.

Hinduism does not celebrate extensively  Birth and grieve aloud in the event of death, for it treats them as natural and take them as a regular Duty to be prformed.

Many in India may know of ‘Pial’ (திண்ணை) , a small portion of a Hindu‘s House and a Walk way connecting main hall of the House,


It is normal for one to hear in a house hold(especially in a Brahmin House hold),

‘Are You in the walkwa”y-ரேழி , when one pretends to be ill or shows off pain when , when not really that sick.

“உன்னை என்ன ரேழிலே போட்டிருக்கா ”

It is an allusion to the practice of moving one who is very sick and might die in a matter of days(in their opinion) -there have been people in that stage even for years).


Then when the Death is expected in matter of hours one will be moved to the Pial(திண்ணை )


The first three are enjoined to perform all Samskaras.

These three are called ‘Dwijas’( Twice Born)

The first is Birth from The Mother’s Womb.

The second is when Upanayana is performed for them.

( Please read my Blog)

When the Upanayana  and other Samskaras are performed he is born again.

( Only two are born twice in Nature.

They are .

Birds-they are born as eggs and later again as birds when they are hatched.

The other is Teeth,They fall once and grow again.)

This second Birth is complete only when all the Forty Samskaras are performed.

Those who study the Vedas become ‘Vipra’ .

Those who perform sSmskaras and Veda Adhyayana( practising The Vedas) are called Sr0dhriya’

He is the highest.

The Forty Samskaras.

Garbha Dhaanam,


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