Yagnyeswara Avatar of Adi Narayana, Manvantara Avatar

Sri Rudra addressed to Lord Shiva elevates Yagnya to another level. While performance of Yagnya is to be without any specific desire in mind,it is hard to do so. So Sri Rudra dedicates Yagnya thus

Subrahmanya Formula Agnishtoma An Orgy?

Subrahmanya is considered as the Best among Brahmins as He is reported to have explained the meaning of Pranava OM to His Father Lord Shiva.( hence Subrahmanya is called Swaminathan). But in the hands of the Foreign Scholars(?) with a Mission to destroy Hinduism and half baked pseudo left wing(?) writers this sentence and the ceremony associated with it takes a beating. From Max Muller to Ambedkar,.

Effects Of Yagnya ,Agnihotra, Scientific Study Results

Hearing only that which is Good for All (Bhadram karnobi Srunuyaama Devaa-Rig Veda) Seeing only those that are Noble. Vak Yagnyena Kalpatham, Mano Yagnena kalpatham' Sakshur Yagnena Kalpatham, Srothram Yagnena Kalpatham (Sri Rudram-Chamaka Prasna)