“Non Whites Are Animals” Mahatma Gandhi

We know of Mahatma Gandhi as nearly Divine as a human being could be.

But are there chinks in the Armour?..
There have been reports about Gandhi’s ‘Brahmacharya experiments of sleeping with young girls and his having been a Homo Sexual with Kallenbach.

All these one could take with a pinch of salt.

But Gandhi , a Racist?

Though I am unable to verify the veracity of the statement, I am posting this information to enable people to contradict.

Truth must be told, despite about whom.

“Of white Afrikaaners and Indians, he wrote: “We believe as much in the purity of races as we think they do.”

Gandhi lent his support to the Zulu War of 1906, volunteering for military service himself and raising a battalion of stretcher-bearers.

Goddess Kali ‘As Screaming Satisfied Vagina’ Video

.The AFP put out a Story, Walk-in Vagina, Kindles anger, approval in South Africa’ three days ago.

It was picked up Hypervocal and other sites as well.

There is implication that it represents Goddess kali of Hinduism, though the woman who is reported to have designed the whole thing does not say so in the Video.

She says .’ it is the voice from Space from a Satisfied woman'( Probably she checked it and knows what screaming at Sex is all about!

She has Indian sounding Name and she says The Vagina expresses the world and is Sacred and empowers a woman!

She is right , as per the Tantra Shastra, as for as Shakti Worship is concerned.

But the feeling one gets it is that this is a cheap Publicity stunt.

It shows the mentality of people who think below the navel or do they think from below?

Kali is the Goddess of Roudra or Righteous Rage ,not sexual satisfaction

Discovery Channel Shows Fake Shark Documentary?

People pf all ages watch Discovery Animal Planet Channels not only for excellent visuals but for authenticity as well.

There is a controversy raging that the Discovery Channel telecast of Shark Week.

This is reported to be a fake and apology from Discovery Channel is being demanded by Science Bloggers.

Match Fixing and Sachin Tendukar

In the days of Wealth, Wine , Women and Match fixing Sachin Tendulkar stands in his sterling character.

More than the Cricketer,’ the Man behind shines through.

DOING A PENANCE: Sachin Tendulkar does “go puja” at end of the two-day “sarpa santharpane” at Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Dakshina Kannada .