Krishna Lifts Mountain Indra Vizha By Early Cholas

Records say that this Festival Indra Vizha was introduced by an early Chola King Thodithol Chola at the behest of Sage Agastya. I had shown Sage Agastya's date to be around 5000 years earlier, based on the movement of Star Canopus, Agastya Nakshatra. I shall write more on the antiquity of Tamil Kings. The Cholas lineage is from the Puranic times and the Cholas were related to Virata Kings( Currently the area is Rajasthan).

Ancient India Maps With Kumari Kandam

While Scholars of the West ans some Indians are prepared to accept Homer's Iliad and Odysseus, the City of Troy, the same courtesy is not extended to Indian Sources,Puranas and Tamil Litrature. Evidence pointing the existence of Kumari Kandam , a Super continent abounds in Tamil Literature . Sanskrit texts allude to this. The Sankalpa of Hindus say, Bharathak Kande' not Kumarik Kande. That there was a very rich culture in existence , south of Vindyas and that they had close relationship with Sanatana Dharma is evident. Mahabharata quotes a list of Tamil Kings who attended Draupadi's Swayamvara. The Tamil kings are named in the marriage ceremony of Lord Rama. In Damayanti's Swayamvara, the Tamil Kings are named. Tamil literature , especially Silappathikaram, Manimekalai has copious references to Kumari Kandam.