Ravana Samhita Shiva Tandava Stotra By Ravana

In the process, these jokers forgot Ravana is described as a Brahmin.

If this group hates anything more in Life, it is Brahmins.

Thus they scored a self goal!

RS Manohar,The Great Dramatist Tamil Nadu has ever seen, was conned by this misinformation and he produced Ilangeswaran, a Drama describing

Ravana as A good Man.

The flip side is Manohar was a Brahmin!

He was reported to have invited Kanchi Periyavar to this drama as it was from an Epic and was well researched.

Periyavar’s reply was’

“I do not know anything about Research.

Ravana coveted other’s wife.

This one act has wiped out all His Punya and his Devotion to Shiva.

I shall not attend and he did not.