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Greatness Of Rama Nama Of Shiva Panchakshara

It burns sins, elevates one, destroys enemies both from within and without, a Guarantee for success in any endeavor.

We have many Devathas, each of them powerful enough to grant a specific wish by the recital of their Beeja Mantras.

We have their Gayatris.

Above all we have the Shadakshra and Dwadasa Nama of Vishnu, The Protector.

Namo Narayanaya,-Shadakshara-Eight Letters -Sanskrit.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya-Tweleve Letters.

Then we have Parameswara’s Pachakshara.

Nama Sivaya-Five Letters.

Then what is special about Rama Nama?

This is what makes it special.

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Secret Of Rama Rama Rahasya Upanishad Details Text

A-Called Akaaram rises from the Mouth,

U-Ukaaaram, from the Throat and

M-Makaaram rises from the pit of the stomach.

Names of the Two Deities of Hinduism have their Names based on this principle and have the power of the Power of Pranava in awakening the Power within.

One is Uma , consort of Lord Shiva and

Rama, an Avatar of Vishnu.

In the former,all the three letters are explicit and in the latter the ‘U kaaram ‘is contained the ‘Makaaram’

Hence the power of Rama Naama, the name of Rama.

In the Adhyatma Ramayana, an instance is narrated.

Rama had sent out Sita, after winning over Ravana, when she was pregnant.

Lakshmana left her with Sage Valmiki.

Rama’s sons Lava and Kusa were born there.

Rama was conducting an Aswamedha Yaga, to assert his power by sending out the Sacrificial Horse.

The Horse must not be stopped and if some one stops them he has to fight with Lord Rama.

Lava and Kusa stop the horse and Rama sends his brother Lakshmana to fight with the one who has stopped the Horses, others having been defeated by Lava and Kusa.

Lakshmana was also defeated.

The Rama personally came on to fight with the small children.( he was not awre that they were his children, but Hanuman did)

When Rama ascended the Chariot to fight ,Hanuman hoisted the children on His shoulders to enable the children to fight on equal terms.

Rama asks Hanuman,

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