Vishnu Ananthasayanam Cosmic Hibernation

Sometimes I dream that I write and on waking up I find it is untrue and that I have been dreaming. Now I am writing this post. How can I be certain now that this activity is not being done while asleep? This action of writing now may be a dream and I may wake up. This is a problem not solved by Philosophy. Hinduism describes four states of Being. Jagrat, the waking state. Swapna, the dreaming state,

Multiverse Level II.png

Parallel Multi Universe In Hinduism Astronomy

He , as I explained in my post 'Vishnu once in 6480 years, Astronomy Precession Equinox' emerges once in 6480 years with the changing Great Year, Yuga. The Devi Mahatmiya describes that the Devi takes the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra around the Universe and shows them numerous Brahmas, Visnus and Shivas at work, before reaching Chintamani Gruha of the Devi. Please read my post on Chintamani Gruha. Now these countless Suns, having their own planets follow their own Laws, some physical laws are the same as ours, People existing there travel among them, including the Earth. As the Physical laws there are different so is the definition of Life.

Vishnu With Four Heads

The Vishnu Sahasranama calls Him as, 'Chaturmurthi,Chatur Bahu', Chatur Vyuha, Chatur Gathi 'four headed, with four arms, four manifestations, and four Goals. I was curious to find out the reference as one normally sees Vishnu with One head and Four arms. The first reference of Vishnu with Head appears in the Mahabharata. Though I am unable to locate any temple associated with this form., there are Temples in Kashmir with this Icon. If there is any temple or the Icon is known to some people, please send in the information.

The Three Vishnus

Vishnu, from the Vedic angle, is different from Purusha and Narayana. While Purusha is the Cosmic form of Reality as explained in the Purusha Suktha,Narayana is he principle that governs the Universe setting the principles, Nara Ayana, Path to be Followed by Humans.

Language Of Gods Maths And Hinduism

I have read an interesting academic paper on Mathematics involving Higher Mathematics of Numbers and was struck by its findings and the Truths expressed in hinduism Five Thousand years ago intuitively. First let me state something about relevant numerical in Indian thought. Ekam-1 Brahman Dwi-2. Purusha and Prakriti Thrini-3.Sattva, Rajas,Tamas; Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra. Shasti-6.Six sense organs, indian Philosophy classifies Mind as an Organ like mouth, eyes .. Nava-9.Navarasas, Nine expressions of the Living.Navagrahas,Navamsa,Navaveeras( of Shiva, along with Subrahmanya) Here one finds from the subtle Brahman , gradually becoming gross through the others till it reaches the level of the expressions of Humans. Now to Mathematics of Numbers.