Unexplained Facts About Puri, Jagannath

Some time back I came across a post listing some curious and inexplicable facts about Puri, Orissa, India.I wanted to write about it and promptly forgot to book mark.Now I am unable to find the post.However I came across similar information form Iskcondivinetree.It lists some curious facts about Puri.They are:Story:Wonders of the Jagannath Temple in … Continue reading Unexplained Facts About Puri, Jagannath

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2013 Live

Hinduism celebrates God as a friend, philosopher, guide,child, lover..in short in any form one could think of. As such every temple has a set of festivals and rituals. Generally the Birth day of the God,the day when He /She conquered Evil, the important mile stone during God's Avatar on the earth. There are also interesting Customs and festivals associated with the Temples. Every major consecrated Temple has a Temple Cart( Chariot) , the God is taken around in procession around the major streets of the City, there are practices in some temples in the South the daily Accounts are read out to God at the Night! These Temple Chariot processions are famous in India.. While there are many Chariot Festivals being conducted every year,The Thirvarur and Srivilliputhur Chariot Festivals are very grand as the Puri Rath Jagannath Rath Yatra( The Journey of Lord Jagannath onthe Chariot, Puri, Orissa) This Festival is conducted every year, every-year on Ashad Shukla Dwitiya that generally falls between the months of June-July. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the annual visit of the presiding deities of the Jagannath Puri temple to their Aunt’s house. It is believed that during this festival, Lord Jagannath comes out of their holy abode and gives Darshana (holy view) to the people...