Donations Welcome

Donations WelcomeI have not accepted advertisements because I am a little conservative in accepting ads as my personal views on the type of ads to appear in my site, which I know ,will not be acceptable to the advertisers. And I would be constrained in my writing. Though I am not a very influential Blogger,I…… Continue reading Donations Welcome

Worst Passwords.

I have a Blogger who informed me he has a password of 33 characters.It beats me how he remembers it? SplashData said it compiled the list from files containing stolen passwords posted online by hackers. Many on the list are sequences of numbers between 1 and 6 in order, either forward or backward. Sequences of letters on the…… Continue reading Worst Passwords.

Online Survey ON WikiLeaks .

  I received a communication to my site as below. I took the Survey and find it to be relevant. Those interested may do so. Communication. Am writing a thesis on Public Trust in WikiLeaks, the Media and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is multiple choice and…… Continue reading Online Survey ON WikiLeaks .

Six Month Banking Blockade of WikiLeaks.

Those who talk of Freedom must respect it. No doubt some of the information leaked by WikiLeaks embarrassed every one , like the one on what US thinks of other countries in private. You have prosecuted Assange on a charge which every one thinks is funny. This banking Blockade is going to the extreme. Has…… Continue reading Six Month Banking Blockade of WikiLeaks.