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Gurgaon Dronas Village

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There are three types of teachers.

Acharya, whose qualifications are listed above.

Upadhyaya,who teaches the relevant portions of the Veda, depending on one’s disposition, Varna.

Guru is one who reaches out to you depending on your passion to realize Self, guides you in a spiritual path suitable to you.

Krishna’s 16,000 Wives Men Madhvacharya,Mahabharata Facts

1.The Mahabharata was altered and the correct version was by Madhvacharya , at the Bidding of Lord Vishnu.

2.Trijata, daughter of Vibhishana was born as Subhadra, sister of Lord Krishna.

3.There are three forms of Lakshmi.
Vedhabhimani Rama, Yajnabhimani Yagna and Dakshinabhimani Dakshina are the forms of the same Lakshmi.

They are equal. The superiority of the second and the third forms is stated keeping in mind only their placement.

Vedhabhimani form is outside, Yajnabhimani is on the lap of the God and Dakshinabhimani is the very part of the body.

4.16,000 wives of Krishna were Men, Agni Putras.