Dharbha Kusa Grass Blocks X Ray Increases Phonetic Vibrations Research

Electron microscopy of different grasses revealed stunning nano-patterns and hierarchical nano or micro structures in darbha grass while they were absent in other grasses.

On studying the effect of various grasses on the microbial community of the curd, darbha grass alone was found to attract enormous number of bacteria into the hierarchical surface features.

Homa Havan What Are They Types

In a Homa, Fire, Agni is invoked and oblations are made to the Deities in the Fire.

Agnihotra, a Homa, is an essential Homa that is to be performed by all the Varnas daily.

Human Body has two aspects.

One is the physical one that one sees and perceives, the Sthoola Sareera.

The other one is Sukshma Sareera, the Finer One, which is invisible.

Amavasya Pitru Tharpana Mantras In Tamil

I have received requests for Tamil Text of Tharpana Mantras to enable one to follow the Mantras.

I am posting these Mantrs.

I will be posting the meanings shortly.

While on the subject I am asked to provide Tamil Tharpana Procedure as set by Agsthya.

These are different from Apasthamba Sutra Tharpana in Sanskrit.

I am in the process of collating the information and shall post as soon as my information is authenticated and complete.