Go Find Yourself Queen Film Review

How all people in the world or Bad or good either:friendship does not need Race, Language,Nationalities, Gender or Sex.

A difficult theme handled adroitly.

A slight mistake, the film would have sent a wrong message.

Even a kissing scene makes one smile in appeciation.

It shows how in the name of marriage individual aspirations are snuffed out and it takes only boldness to come out of the shell.

Relationships are subtle and none should take the others for granted.

And how parents should trust their children.

Independence, freedom of spirit need not mean a license to be licentiousness nor a call for senseless feminism.

The film is such a wholesome one , one can not single out the best performance

6-5=2,Paranormal Slick Film Promoted By Social Media

On the third day of their trekking,some unusual things happen.

For no reason, their backpacks catch fire, their food destroyed,they hear voices,things get knocked down.
On Day four they are forced to pitch in a tent at a place, where they find a tree which had replicas of dead skulls instead of leaves.
They lose their way and after spending a whole night they return to the same spot they left.

(One of them has been left at the first camp)

The rest is interesting.

The film maker claims that the videos were by the dead man while the photographer of the fim says otherwise.
Read the news at the close of the post.

The film is so natural that one tends to believe it is real

Vijay’s ‘Thuppaki’ Review.

Vijay‘s films have not been doing well  since Pokkiri,Villu. Nor had Murugadoss’s from Ghajini. The recent Deepavali release ‘Thuppaki’ has brought cheers both to Vijay and Murugadoss. I doubt whether … Continue reading Vijay’s ‘Thuppaki’ Review.