Ranganatha Moves Bala Sayanam Eagle Does Not Fly

Lord Shiva advised Sage Vyargrapadha to worship Lord Ranganatha at SriRangam to enable Vyagrapada to attain Moksha (Vaikunta) Vyaghrapada was joined by Sage Patanjali in his journey. Because of poor eyesight,the sages instead went southward, lost their way and reached KrupaSamudram (current Sirupuliyur). They prayed to Vishnu to come to Srirangam to grant them moksha. It is believed that Vishnu originally gave darshan (appeared) to the sages as Ranganatha, the form worshipped in the Srirangam temple.

Temple Of Vishnu With Third Eye

I chanced upon an article where it is mentioned about the Temple of Lord Vishnu with the Third Eye. I have visited Thiruvahindrapuram a couple of times and this is news to me. "Generally Lord Shiva is the only god to have the third eye (netrikkan) on his forehead, This is the only place where Vishnu is giving darshan having have the third eye (netrikkan) on his forehead, here Devanatha Perumal represents Lord Brahma having the lotus flower in his hand and representing Lord Shivan having the eye in his fore - head and representing Sri Vishnu along with Sangu and Chakkaram.

108 Vishnu Places Of Pilgrimage Divya Desams

Though the Vedas insist that the reality is a Principle, it allows worship of personal God,Ishwara. For Realization, the contribution of the Gd is necessary. Even for the Karma to take effect God is necessary,Adi Shankaracharya avers. This personal God differs from individuals to individuals, depending on their dispositions and their tendency towards a particular trait or emotion. So you can worship God as Male, Female or an impersonal image, Linga. It could be worshiped as one would a Child, Father, Mother,Friend, Love or even as a Foe! Later came the Agamas, where collective worship was stressed(which is not in the Vedas). The Agamas laid down Rules for Construction of Temples, sanctifying them with Mantras and the daily Rituals to be followed. Some great Temples were built and they are in existence even today with Pooja being offered as laid sown by the Agamas.

Is it a Sin or Dosham For Sri Vaishnava Visit Siva Sthalam?

To conclude,going to Non Vishnavite Shrine is no offense and there is no Paapa is involved as per scriptures;at the same time if one wants to worship only one aspect of Reality it is also fine.