Why can’t all fast-food restaurants do this? [pic]

Fast food restaurant leads the way.

In Pictures: America’s Best and Worst Banks-Forbes.

Best and Worst Banks US>

How to Train the Aging Brain

Some other ways to train the Brain; Connect ideas to pictures. While reading find the abstract and relate to the article/story you are reading. Try to contradict what what you are reading. For memorizing, combine the words in the sentences in various order .E.g. I came home early. memorize thus. I came;came home,home early,early I.I came ....This is one of the disciplines by which the Vedas , the early Hooks of Hindus, have been memorized and transmitted for over 5000 years with out written form.You can go to any part of India, you will the text recited with no variation in text and and tone/tune.

Best Sports Books Of 2009


2009: The Year in Pictures

2009 in pictures.