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  • Whom Did Lord Rama Worship?

    Whom Did Lord Rama Worship?

    Sarvam Krishnaarppanam. Everything Is Dedicated to Krishna. Maatha Ca Parvati Devi Pitha Devo Maheswaraha, Baandhavaa siva Bhalthaascha Swadeso Bhvanathrayam My Mother is Parvati, Father, Shiva. Devotees of Shiva are my relatives and

  • Who Saw Rama As Vishnu In Physical Form, Ramayana

    Viswamitra makes the first mention of this when he tells Dasaratha, while taking Rama with him that Dasaratha did not realize who Rama was, implying he knew Rama was Vishnu , but he did not express it openly.

  • Sita Performed Sraddha Cursed River

    The majority held belief is that women should not perform Sandhyavandana and death Rites. I differ from this view.

  • 11000 Years Old Tamil Port Poompuhar Confirms Manu Migration

    Manu left because of a Tsunami. The city of Poompuhar which is dated now as being 11000 years old was deluged by a Tsunami. This is echoed in the great flood that devoured the Atlantis/ Please read my post on Gondwana.

  • Lord Rama Was A King of Sumeria King List

    Lord Rama Was A King of Sumeria King List

    Not only Lord Rama but his brother Bharata also find a place in the List. ” Fortunately, a study of Sumerian history provides a fairly vivid flesh-and-blood picture of Rama. The highly authentic Sumerian King-list appear such hallowed names as Bharat (Warad) Sin and Rim Sin. Sin was the Moon god Chandra and as the…