Demon Or Hindu Goddess Watches Unborn Baby? Scan Video

Scan photo appears to show a creepy figure watching over the foetus Imgur user posted image of a 'friend's baby' from an ultrasound in June One million people viewed it and hundreds debated what it looked like Ultrasound technician could offer no explanation for the strange figure

‘Placenta Eating’ Post Postpartum Depression, Woman Collects

Some people believe that eating placenta will beat the postpartum Depression. This practice has assumed such proportions that woman collects placenta and sells them! But Scientific evidence does not seem to support this. "

Birth Cleansing Rites Hinduism

Let us look at this in detail. Death. As many people from India are settled abroad, leaving their kith and kin including parents(mainly parents, in some case care of Glorified Orphan's Home called Retirement Homes,by settling monthly Bills), some information for those who are abroad. If Soothakam(  சூதகம்,that is the Uncleanliness out of Birth in … Continue reading Birth Cleansing Rites Hinduism

Man Gets Pregnant , Gives Birth to a Baby

  What do we call,Father or Mother?   Both seem to be right from a certain Time perspective. "A woman who underwent sex change gave birth to a child now as a man. He got pregnant although he is a man now.   He has become Britian's first "male-mother" despite sex change. He gave birth … Continue reading Man Gets Pregnant , Gives Birth to a Baby

Desperate dad’s Google delivery

Advantage of Technology.Sometimes, most of the information on the same subject are contradictory, for example refer excessive lactation-diet.Under the circumstances it is prudent to call in the Doctor and browsed information must be kept for reference after cross verification.