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Like that Vanga, Kalinga territories shall be searched along with Kaushika territories available on their fringes, then cast about the Dandaka forest all over its mountains, rivers, and its caves, then River Godavari that courses through Dandaka forest, and then the provinces of Andhra, Pundra, Chola, Paandya, Kerala are to be searched thoroughly.

Tantric Temples Of India List

I am furnishing a list of Tantric temples in India 1.Kamakya Temple,Assam. 2.Kalighat,West Bengal. 3.Baitala Deula or Vaital Temple.Bhubaneswar,Odisha. 4.Ekling,Rajasthan. 5.Balaji,Rajasthan. 6.Khajuraho,Madhya Pradesh 7.Kaal Bhairon Temple,Madhya Pradesh. 8.Maha Kaleswar Temple,M.P. … Continue reading Tantric Temples Of India List

South Marrying a North Indian Girl

Technically this is the correct Vedic marriage procedure.

Thaali is a concept taken by Aapasthamba, while composing the Aapasthamba Sutra for people living south of the Vindhyas.

Please read my post on this.

So the objection on these grounds seem to be trivial.

Another difficulty faced by the Boys’ parents is that they are used to demanding money from the Bride’s side during the Marriage while in the North Indian marriages(at least in Punjabi and Kashmiri at least) the Boys’ parents are made to shell out for the bride in the form of more jewellery and gifts to her relatives.

But once these initial hiccups are over, the parents of both he children have become very close and each tries to accommodate the other!

The level of looking after the guests is some thing seen to be believed.

And , irrespective of family misunderstandings, (which family does not have), the relatives rally around and take a personal interest, not delegating things to Agencies, even though they have arranged things through the Agencies.

And I have found the girls, though they are very well employed and hail from well to do families, to be very respectful, easy-going and at ease with the new-found relatives.

Though I am not related to these boys closely they often call me up for no specific reason but to chat and enquire about my family and they in general are good.

But this depends on how one interacts with them.

Surnames Of All Brahmins Bengal Odisha Haryana Assam UP MP

Traditionally, Bengali brahmins are divided into the following categories: Rādhi from Radh (region south-west of the Ganges) Varendra, from Vārendra region (North-East) or Puṇḍra. Vārendra originally meant rain-maker magicians.[9] Vaidika (migrants, originally experts … Continue reading Surnames Of All Brahmins Bengal Odisha Haryana Assam UP MP