Thiruchendur Subrahmanya Stops Storm Idol Recovered From Dutch ?

When you look at closely, it boils down to one testimony, by word, preferably contemporary in nature.

Even here if there are more versions, the record becomes questionable

Sudoku Concept With Sadakshara Six In Palani Temple Inscription

It is interesting to note that Lord Dhandayudhapani is placed before this Pillar every year during Panguni Uthiram Festival.

And the total of the numbers in any direction is Six.

The Sadakshara,the number of Subrahmanya,Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va.

Murugan Teaches Shiva Pranava Veda Swamymalai

Because Kaarthikeya, called Murugan in Tamil,taught the precept of the Veda to Shiva, Guru of Gurus, a realized souls Brahmin, Murugan, meaning most beautiful, came to be known as Subrahmanya, The best among Brahmins, those who realized brahman, the Reality.