Rape New Definitions, Women Rape Men

Is Rape Actual penetration? Fondling? Kissing any part? Or Groping? Making Lewd comments? Or looking at a woman lecherously? What about Women raping Men? See the Video Reports. So,.....

What Happens to My Facebook Page after My Death

This is a great question of international curiosity. I never thought of what would happen to things here after my death., the reason , I have nothing left to leave save my children. Let alone Facebook Pages. But no Laws yet. But, last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 222-128 to give Sullivan more time to write an amendment that begins a study of the issue. Now you can sleep peacefuly

Rape Identities Protection Gays And Lesbians

What does The Committee want to convey? 1.Homosexuality along with Lesbianism, has to be guaranteed by The Constitution . 2.'Raping,Gang Raping,Sodomy,Public Exposure, Pedophilia belong to 'sexual orientation ' and Sexual Minority? So, The Constitution has to approve of it? What does the media have to do?

Bangalore Demolition Separate Law for Ranganathan Street?

Note the last para in conjunction with the fact that the BBMP had gone ahead because "'The BBMP has entered into a joint development agreement with the Maverick Holding and Investment Pvt. Ltd. to construct multi-level residential complexes for the original 1,512 EWS allottees in around seven acres of the 15 acres and commercially exploit the remaining prime property by constructing a mall. Each acre here is worth Rs.10 crore to Rs.12 crore" Also the fact the illegally constructed shops doing Crores of Turn over in Ranganathan street,T.Nagar,Chennai went scot free after an initial show of token demolition and it was "business as usual" Laws, it seems, are different for the privileged! (The court in a magnanimous gesture allowed them to stay for a year!)

Verma Committee Full Report Rape, Crime Against Women

Following is the Report submitted by The Verma Committee .     The Committee was formed  to look into crimes against women on Wednesday ruled against recommending the death penalty even in the rarest of the rare rape cases, and did not favour lowering the age of a juvenile from 18 to 16.   Essential pints. No to … Continue reading Verma Committee Full Report Rape, Crime Against Women