Ravana Reserve Army Atlantis Rama Atlantis War

Valmiki provides a lot of Geographical information in the Ramayana.

Most of them are found when he describes the Aranya vasa of Lord Rama., his search for Sita, his travel to Lanka, Rama’s return from Lanka by Pushpaka Vimana and Sugriva’s directions to his army about the possible places where Ravana could have taken Sita.

Of interest is the description by Sugriva about the Nazca Lies of Peru ad Russia, though one can find references to other countries as well.

Location of Atlantis.jpg Location of Atlantis.

I have written articles on California being the Kapila Aranya, Mount.Ashes ,USA is the place where Sagara’s(Rama’s ancestor) sons were turned into ashes.

I have referred to the Quadrilateral Temple of Shiva in Colorado and a Natural Vishnu Temple in Grand Canyon,US.

I remembered about the Moola Sainya ( Reserve Army of Ravana, which he called up during his battle with Rama.

Lemuria Kumari Kandam.png Lemuria, KumariKandam. “Kumari Kandam map”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kumari_Kandam_map.png#/media/File:Kumari_Kandam_map.png

‘A grieved Ravana soon collected himself and sent word for his reserve forces all over the globe (moola bala sainya). That was a frightful army that Ravana did not think of using against these ‘puny creatures’ at all. He considered it below his dignity to use such a powerful force against humans and monkeys. It was like killing a fly with a sledgehammer, for him. In fact, Kumbakarna had advised him otherwise. If you have decided to fight against them, then the better strategy would be to collect all our forces together. ‘pandhiyir pandhiyir padagaLai vittu avai sindhudal kaNdu nee irundhu thEmbudal mandhiram andru.’ It is not right to send our army in small lots convenient enough for them to wipe off and to weep over their death. ‘nam vali elaam udan undhudal kadan.’ It is of utmost importance to collect all our forces here and now and go to the field in such vast numbers so that it becomes difficult for them to encounter such a vast army’.(Kamba Ramayaa ,Tamil-http://www.heritagewiki.org/index.php?title=Vibhishana_-_Part_4)

Valmiki also talks about the Moola Sainya in the Yuddha Kada

And the location of Kara and Dushana who were killed by Rama.

And there is this point of Hanuman flying to Lanka,

The Adams Bridge, Rama Sethu is about 30 Kms from Rameswaram, India

But Valmiki says it is about 800 Miles!

And there is evidence that Hanuman traveled at a speed of 660Kms/hour!

I shall be writing on this shortly.

I recalled about Lemuria and Atlantis.

Lemuria is the Lost continent of the Tamils.

And the US is the Patala Loka.

Please read my posts on this and Atlantis.

Plato’s description of Atlantis reminds me of the descriptions of the Patala Loka, inhabited by the Rakshasas.

The presence of Hanuman ad his son Makaratwaja in Central America and the reference to Tamil Kings of the south of Vindhyas made me wonder whether there is any connection between Atlantis. Ramayana and Lemuria.


Considering the distance covered by Hanuman in his flight to Lanka,

The Lanka of Ravana could not have been where it is today,( Please red my Post)

Lemuria and Atlantis being different entities and that The Tamils occupied that land,

Atlantis had the Sanatana Dharma presence, including the Rotating city of Tripura, which was destroyed by Shiva,

Shiva migrated towards the west of India, when a great flood struck South India(when Rama’s ancestor Sathyavrata Manu migrated to Ayodhya),

The presence of Shiva in these countries, including the Nazca Lines of Peru and Mecca, Petro Jordan having Shiva Temples,

Rama’s name is found, along with Dasaratha and Bharatha in the Sumerian Kings List,

Shiva worship preceded the Sanatana dharma in the south,

The Rakshasas having bee present in this land, where the Moola Sainya of Ravana was kept,

Ravana having been a Shiva worshiper,

Hanuman and Makaratdwaja is found in Honduras,

The land mass at these times was different than what we find today,

Thiruvannamalai in South India being 3 Billion years old,

There is a room in Romania which is connected to Iraq,Kailsh,

Gobekli Tepe was built by Brahmins.

It stands to reason that The Atlantis people were a part of Sanatana Dharma .

And there is evidence to suggest that there was a great war between Rama and the Atlanteans.

Ravana was in Lemuria, had his Reserve army in Atlantis

There is also a view that ET were involved in this.

‘Some Wedha and Jain manuscripts, among others, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata it contains evidence of historical and technological overview of Rama’s dynasty which is believed to have experienced the golden age of the seven main cities ‘Seven Rishi City’ which is one of Mohenjo Daroo (Northern Pakistan).

From various sources I have learned, can generally be described a wide range of theories and research on the subject of this study provide some interesting material. Include:

– Atlantis and Rama dynasty had experienced the golden era (Golden Age) at the same time (30000-15000 BC).

– Both have mastered nuclear technology.

– Both the aerospace and aeronautics technology has advanced to have enabled aircraft and shaped like a UFO (by some accounts) called Vimana (Rama) and Valakri (Atlantis).

– Residents of Atlantis has an aggressive nature and led by the clergy (priests Enlighten), according to Plato’s text.

– Rama dynasty has seven major cities (Seven Rishi’s City) with the capital city of Ayodhya where one of the results found are Mohenjo-Daroo.

– Competition of the civilization reached its peak with the use of nuclear weapons.

– The experts found that the debris and the remains of human skeletons found at Mohenjo-Daroo containing radioactive residue that can only be produced by large-scale thermonuclear explosion.

– In a seloka of the Mahabharata, narrated by the figure of a weapon of mass destruction is a result similar to the present nuclear weapons.

– Some Seloka Wedha and Jain in the book is explicitly and completely describe the shape of the ‘flying vehicle’ called ‘Vimana’ that its characteristics resemble flying saucers today.

Most of the written evidence it was in India in the form of literary texts, while the physical evidence would be in the western world the Pyramids in Egypt and South America.

In short all the above investigations denounce mankind had advanced in the civilization of Atlantis and Rama. Even long before man ever entered the century 4000SM space and nuclear technology. But the golden age was ended by a devastating nuclear war until the aftermath, people had time to go back to primitive times to the advent of Sumerian civilization around 4000SM or 6000tahun ago.’




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  1. Respected sir:
    All we know so far from all the sources, that hanuman is a banchelor. Then how does and where from his son Makaradhwaja has come into picture as narrated by you. Please clarify. Thanks and regards Rajan

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