Chihuahua Mexico Is Shiva Hinduism In Americas

The Sanatana Dharma extended to Americas as well.

The Mayan and other civilisations in the Americas were evolved from and are the remains of the Sanatana Dharma.

The construction of the Pyramids in the Americas and in Egypt has its base in Indian Vassthu Sastra.

I shall be posting on the subject between the Thiruvannamalai Temple and Chichitzen Itza.


Chihuahua district in Mexico derives its name from the root Shivava, named after a native American;Tamaulipas-Tamralipta;Nayarit-Nairitti..

Shivava means the Temple of Shiva in Native American pronunciation.


The early Kings were known as Nayars.


Other etymological connections.

Tabasco-Taba Kosh-place of meditation.

Chiapas-Shiva Pas-Chiefs of Shiva.


The Pilgrim site of Chalma,Mexico was a Shiva Temple.


Post Follows on this.


India Once Ruled Americas by Gene D. Matlock.

Mexicos Shrines

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