Know Veda Mantras For Election Ancient Tamil Election

Yet another proof that Tamil and Sanatana Dharma walked hand in hand, nailing the canard perpetrated by the Aryan Invasion Theorists and followed by the Dravidian Parties.


The Kings of Tamil Nadu were democratic and  conducted elections regularly at the Village level.


Paranthaka Chola Inscription in Tamil,Uthiramerur.jpg
Paranthaka Chola Inscription in Tamil,Uthiramerur


This was organized systematically  with Qualification for the Candidates, election observers.


This dates at least 1000 years ago!


I shall be posting about this in detail in a separate article.


Here we shall see how  learning the Vedas and at least well versed with one of the commentaries  of the Vedas, apart from other qualifications.


This is evident from the  Inscriptions of the Chola Kings in Uthiramerur,Tamil Nadu.


  • Uttaramerur Inscriptions of Parantaka Chola I (முதலாம் பராந்தகன் )
  • Location: Uttaramerur, Kanchipuram Taluk, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Chola Emperor: Parantaka Chola I (முதலாம் பராந்தகன்) (907 – 956 AD.)
  • Regnal Years: 12th Regnal year (919 AD) inscription 12 lines and 14th Regnal Year (921 AD) inscription 18 lines
  • Inscription Language: Tamil
  • Inscription Script: Tamil Grantha of 10th century
Uttaramerur, an ancient Chola village once known as Chaturvedimangalam, is located about 85 km from Chennai.  This village, developed on the canons of the agama texts, has the village general assembly aka. mahasabha mandapa at the centre. The three temples well known for its architecture,  sculptures and epigraphy i.e, 1. Kailasanatha Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, 2. Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and 3. the Balasubramanya temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya,  are oriented with reference to the mandapa. ..
Resolution of the Assembly and the Settlement
The village general assembly of the Uttaramerur Chaturvedimangalam met in the general assembly hall of the village, where it deliberated the resolution:
The village general assembly of the Uttaramerur Chaturvedimangalam was convening the committee as directed in royal order and was resolved and settled as per the terms given in the royal letter. Accordingly it was resolved to choose the member  for the ‘Annual Committee,’ (ஸம்வத்ஸர வாரியம்) ‘Garden Committee,’ (தோட்ட வாரியம்) and the ‘Water bodies Committee’ (ஏரிவாரியம்) commencing from this year. (உத்திரமேருச்சதுர்வேதிமங்கலத்து சபையோம் இவ்வாண்டுமுதல் எங்களூர் ஸ்ரீமுகப்படி ஆஞையினால் தத்தனூர் மூவேந்த வேளான் இருந்து வாரியமாக ஆட்டொருக்காலும் ஸம்வத்ஸர வாரியமும் தோட்ட வாரியமும் ஏரிவாரியமும் இடுவதற்கு வ்யவஸ்தை செய்த பரிசாவது..)
Village ward or Kudumbu’ (குடும்பு) 
According to the inscriptions, each village was divided into wards or Kudumbu’ (குடும்பு), and each ward or Kudumbu’ (குடும்பு) could send one representative to the general assembly.
There shall be thirty wards in Uttaramerur Chaturvedimangalam; (முப்பதா முப்பது குடும்பிலும் )
Those who wanted to contest:
1. Must own more than a quarter veli (One Veļi = 6.17 acre 6.17 ஏக்கர் ஒரு வேலி Tamil Wikipedia) tax-paying land (காணிலத்துக்கு மேல் இறை நிலமுடையான் );
2. Must own a house built on a legally-owned site (தன் மனையிலே அகம் மெடுத்துக் கொண்டிருப்பானை );
3.  Must be above 35 years of age and below 70 years (எழுபது பிராயத்தின் கீழ் முப்பத்தைந்து பிராயத்தின் மேற்ப்பட்டார் );
4. Must have knowledge of ‘Mantrabrahmana’ (Mantra Text) as well as experience in teaching the same to others (மந்த்ர பிராமணம் வல்லான் ஒதுவித்தறிவானைக் );
5. Can own only one – eighth (1 / 8) veli of land and must have learned one Veda and one of the four Bhashyas and experienced in explaining them to others, then he shall be eligible  to contest i.e, voters write his name on the pot-ticket (ballot) to be cast into the pot (ballot pot) (அரக்கா நிலமே யுடையனாயிலும் ஒரு வேதம் வல்லனாய் நாலு பாஷ்யத்திலும்  ஒரு பாஷ்யம் வக காணித்தறிவான அவனையுங் குட வோலை எழுதிப் புக இடுவதாகவும்);
6. Must be among those possessing qualifications such as expertise in business and are known for their virtues (அவர்களிலும் கார்யத்தில் நிபுணராய் ஆகாரமு டையாரானாரை யேய் கொள்வதாகவும்);
7. Must be among those who possess honest earnings and pure mind; (அர்த்த சௌசமும் ஆன்ம சௌசமும் உடையாராய்);”

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