Red Shiva Ganesha Hanuman Vishnu Marks Australia Aborigines

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Cave Temple Of Sleeping Vishnu Malayadipatti

Vishnu’s sleep is called Yoga Nidra, a Posture of Yoga where the physical senses are shut off, consciousness is rooted in the Reality, yet aware of the surroundings.

In Tamil there is a beautiful word for this posture of Vishnu.

It is ‘அறிதுயில் ‘ , sleeping while knowing.

Such postures of Vishnu are relatively rare.

Famous ones are Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple,Thiruvananthapuram,Srirangam, Srivilliputhur.

Cave temple for Sleeping Vishnu is very rare.

One such temple is Malayadipatti Anathapadmanabhaswamy Temple.

Located 45kms from Tiruchirapalli in a remote village in the Kulattur Taluk of Pudukottai

The Veds, Hindu Scripture

Know Veda Mantras For Election Ancient Tamil Election

3. Must be above 35 years of age and below 70 years (எழுபது பிராயத்தின் கீழ் முப்பத்தைந்து பிராயத்தின் மேற்ப்பட்டார் );

4. Must have knowledge of ‘Mantrabrahmana’ (Mantra Text) as well as experience in teaching the same to others (மந்த்ர பிராமணம் வல்லான் ஒதுவித்தறிவானைக் );

5. Can own only one – eighth (1 / 8) veli of land and must have learned one Veda and one of the four Bhashyas and experienced in explaining them to others, then he shall be eligible to contest i.e, voters write his name on the pot-ticket (ballot) to be cast into the pot (ballot pot) (அரக்கா நிலமே யுடையனாயிலும் ஒரு வேதம் வல்லனாய் நாலு பாஷ்யத்திலும் ஒரு பாஷ்யம் வக காணித்தறிவான அவனையுங் குட வோலை எழுதிப் புக இடுவதாகவும்);

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Krishna Attended Tamil Sangam Daughter in Madurai

During the Mahabharata Days the interaction between the South and the North were more intense and frequent than what it was during the Ramayana Period.

Lord Krishna attended the Tamil Sangam,Conclave of Poets held at Kavatapuram.

He was a special Invitee.

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