Why Shiva When There Is Vishnu In Veda

Thee was a message to me in Facebook from one of the members of  Facebook Community ,asking me,


‘Why there is Shiva when there is Vishnu in the Vedas?’


Sankaranarayana ,Sankaran Koil.png
Sankaranarayana ,Sankaran Koil.


Very intelligent question, devoid of prejudice.


( The question could have been the other way around as well)


If people had asked themselves this question and studied the Vedas , the clash between various sects of Hinduism ,especially between the Iyers and Vasihavaites would never have taken place.


Religion is an Experience.


One can feel it, experience, never know it.


Like pleasure,pain’ hunger, thirst, these are to be felt.


When some one says I know pain it means that he/she knows the feelings of Pain, not pain directly.


Religious experience falls under this category.



Hinduism believes in Reality, one , two  depends on one’s perspective and mental disposition.


Truth is One people view it differently.


All are correct.


If you watch a cricket match, one may look like to out from One angle and not Not out from another view.


From each stand point it is Right.


In a match the Umpire gives the benefit of doubt to the Batsman.


In Real life, we give to  the one with which we are comfortable.


So Reality is One, an Abstract, Sat Chit and Anandham,Being,Consciousness and Bliss.


It is difficult for the Human Mind to conceive of this Abstract Principle.


Vedas are aware of the limitations of the Human Mind.


So it allows people to progress in understanding the Reality from their perspective dispositions.


In Life we have preferences and we can not find any reason for it.


It is just there and we have to accept it.


So we worship what suits our Nature, what inspires us .


Vedas provide choices for you to choose.


In Vishnu one has the principle of Kinetic energy, Shiva potential energy.


Vishnu the protectorate, Rudra the destroyer.


Vishnu , the Father, who is affectionate to a fault, corrects your faults gently. whom one approaches with freedom as with  liberal father


Shiva, the disciplinarian father and a Teacher, who is a martinet, with whom one approaches with respect.


Both are the same, two sides of a coin.


Read my posts on Siva Stuthi by Krishna and how he admonishes who does not respect Shiva




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