Meaning Of ‘Namaha’ Hinduism

All of us know Namaha नमः)” is used in Mantras and Slokas.

People try to translate this into a Single word and the results are disappointing if one understands the import of the word Namah a(नमः)”

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Lord Shiva

Mantras are the Sound energies captured by the Rishis from Ether and as such they are not meant to be translated for Sound can not be translated.

How does one translate Laughter or the cry of a Child?

Misplaced enthusiasm results in bizarre translations.

In Tamil, Namaha नमः)” is translated as ‘Potri’   போற்றி.

Translated into English , this means ‘I Praise!”

Translation of Tamil Mantras like Tiruppukazh will result in the same absurdity.

Mahamantras are to be used and chanted in the Language in which they have been presented by ancient Seers.

They are not words but mystically locked Sounds by the Devata, Adhi Devatha and the Rishi of the Mantra.

To prevent elements from disturbing the concentration one performs Anganyaasa, Karanyaasa and Dikh Bandhana.

Now what does the word Namaha  mean?

It means ‘It is not Mine’

If you observe in any Puja or Homa ,after you perform Ahuti, you say ‘Ithanna mama’-this is not mine.

The whole Universe is His.

Whatever we do is His and because of Him.

So in the real sense we do not have anything.

So, after oblations, we declare what ever we have done is “Not Mine’

Compare ‘Kayena Vaca Manasendrirarva Buddyaathmanaath Prakruthe swapaath’-

Whatever I have performed, by senses and intellect are not by Me but being forced to do so by Prakriti’

Therefore I relinquish all these actions and the results thereof to the One Beyond, Sriman Narayana.

This is attitude even worshiping.

There is an interesting explanation on these lines of Adi Shankaracharya’s Soundaryalahari Palasrthi sloka.

I shall post on this later.


More authentic and spiritual explanation is found in Taittriya Upanishad.

‘Tham Nama Ithi Upaaseetha

Namyanthesmai Kaamaa:

When one worships saying and feeling that it is not Mine, the Objects of Desires throng to him and  be ready to do his bidding.


is the height of Karma, Gnana and Bhakti  Yoga.

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8 Replies to “Meaning Of ‘Namaha’ Hinduism”

  1. Sir Its a humble request. Please post on the greatness and the power of Sree Rudram From the Taittriya Samhitha of Krishna Yajurveda. Also elaborate on the Paratva of Lord SadaShiva. I am asking you this because you are a shisya of Dakshinamurthy swaroopa Sri Abhinava Vidya Thirtha Mahaswami and you say that you are a regular chantra of the Mighty Sree Rudram.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara
    Shambho Mahadeva

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  2. Just a thought … have u considered ‘It is not Mine’ in u r sat, chit, ananda, nothing more, at ur root? So, everything u used 2 think u were due 2 wrong thinking, e.g. body-mind, now u say,‘It is not Mine’


    1. It is difficult to expalin what is being felt. Logic will not help in realisation. One attempts to reinforce faith and has to stop it at the correct moment.regards


  3. NAMAHA means “I do not Exist.” The purpose is to become “Egoless!”
    Om Namaha Shivaya = “Oh! Shiva please make me Egoless!!!”


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