Shiv Linga, Penis Phallus Of Shiva ,Rubbish

Now It has become an accepted fact among the people, especially the pseudo scientific interpreters of Hinduism and The Vedas that the Shiva Linga is the representation of Lord Shiva’s , Phallus,Penis.


I have been hearing this ad nausea and I have decided to post an article when recently I found an Archaka (Temple Priest) of a Shiva  Temple said this !


Linga in Sanskrit means , Mark’ ‘Sign’  ”to indicate’


In Sanskrit Grammar we have Lingas relating to gender Identification of words.


Linga- Masculine Gender.


Many books written by Hindus also state that the Shiv Linga is Shiva’s Phallus.


One website that Lord Shiva threw His Penis to become a Nari or Women to satisfy women!




It states blatantly asserts Shiva in Sanskrit means Penis!( this is not by a Foreigner)


“. Siva Linga has been worshipped in Hinduism since ages for physical desires specially for adultery. Worship of Shiva Linga is regarded sacred and

superior Shiva Mahapurana says Shiva has thrown his linga “Penis” to satisfy hindu women but if a homosexual person has desire to sit on it can enjoy

in shiva temples (mandir). This is because the form makes worship simple while maintaining the truth the devotees are struggling to see shiva linga due

to huge size of its users.(hindusim kisacahai)”


It says it occurs in the Shiva Puran.


I am yet to find the sloka.


I have checked the Linga Puran, which deals with only Shiv Linga.


I could not find anything there.


‘Jothis Swarupa is Shiva, Unborn, Eternal.Self born,


At His bidding from Maya(Universal Nescience) was born ‘Mahat


Ahankaara from Mahat,


From Thaamasa Ahankaara Sound(Sabda),


Out of Sabda Akasa.,


It goes on.


From Shiva Puran


Shiva is the Brahman the Reality, Causeless,


Inexplicable,Avaktavyam,the Brahmam Had a desire,


Out of this were born Maya (Nescience) and Her husband.


Divine Voice asked them to meditate.


Having Meditated, when they opened their eyes found that rivulets or water was flowing down from their Bodies.


That Water became Brahman.


Both Maya and her husband were resting on this body of water,


The Male became known as Narayana, one who sleeps on the Ocean


and the Puran goes on.


These passages appear in the beginning of the respective Purans.


When Vishnu and Narayana could not find the Head and Feet of the Linga which appeared before them,they praised the Lingam.


Then, The Jothi(Fireball Linga permitted Narayana  to find the letter ‘A’ in the South portion of the Linga, in the North ‘Vu’ and in between ‘Ma’


This Linga appeared in a Crystal  Form over these letters with Glorious Radiance’


This what the Shiva Puran says.


Linga Puran lists various types of Lingas and the Linga Swarupas of Shiva.


I am unable to find any reference to the Linga being called a Phallus or Penis.


The West tries find and convert everything into something below the belt.


Our people, out of the human nature to believe the atrocious and things spicy have grabbed at it.


I do not find any reference to indicate that the Linga is a Phallus or Penis or it is a Symbolic representation of Shiva.


Next to Vedas the Authority in Hinduism is the Smritis,  then Purans, in case of a conflict between Smriti and Puran Puran ‘s word will be final.


Against every thing the Sruthi, The Vedas words are final.


The Vedas do not say anything on the origin of Linga.


There is a group saying that the Peeta, Avudyar of the Shiva Lnga is the Vulva of the Devi and the Phallus on it signifies the Unity.


Good imagination, but where is the authority?


Wikipedia write up consists of  this;

“British missionary William Ward criticized the worship of the lingam (along with virtually all other Indian religious rituals) in his influential 1815 book A View of the History, Literature, and Mythology of the Hindoos, calling it “the last state of degradation to which human nature can be driven”, and stating that its symbolism was “too gross, even when refined as much as possible, to meet the public eye.” According to Brian Pennington, Ward’s book “became a centerpiece in the British construction of Hinduism and in the political and economic domination of the subcontinent.”[23] In 1825, however, Horace Hayman Wilson‘s work on the lingayat sect of South India attempted to refute popular British notions that the lingam graphically represented a human organ and that it aroused erotic emotions in its devotees.[23]


Anything else, if it says that Linga is Shiva’s penis, is not authentic.


Information welcome.


I shall be posting more on Shiv Linga types and the interpretation of Linga in terms of Modern Physics shortly.




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11 responses to “Shiv Linga, Penis Phallus Of Shiva ,Rubbish”

  1. Dont talk rubbish ……. KOTIRUDRA SAMHITA CHAPTER 12 – “Long long ago, some sages used to do penance in a Shiva temple situated near Daruk forest. One day they went to collect woods needed for the Yagya. Lord Shiva wanted to test their devotion, so he arrived before the sages’ wives in naked position holding his own phallus in his hand. The wives of the sages became frightened by Shiva’s appearance.

    “When the sages returned after collecting woods, they became very furious to see a naked person luring their wives. They asked Shiva to reveal his identity. When Shiva did not give any reply, they cursed him to become a phallus.”

    “The Phallus fell down from the hand of Lord Shiva and generated so much of heat that all the three worlds started to burn. The sages became very nervous and went to seek the help of lord Brahma. Lord Brahma revealed to then that the person who they cursed was none other than Lord Shiva himself. He also instructed them to please goddess Parvati, as she only could have them from Shiva’s wrath by appearing in the form of Vagina and holding the Phallus.”

    “The sages followed the instruction of Lord Brahma. Goddess Parvati appeared in the form of Vagina and held Shiva’s phallus in herself. The sages then worshipped the Shivalinga. This jyotirlinga became famous by the name of Hatkeshwar.”
    I HAVE THE ORIGINAL BOOK TOO BY BANARASIDAS PUBLISHERS WITH SANSKRIT TRANSLATION. This cheap sex starved God is a disgrace. want the book pdf give me ur email will send. It is in page 1297.


  2. I am sorry mate, if you coundnt find the reference it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Shiva linga is a penis. The Vedas deplore the worship of lewdness. Shiva is just a demigod who has been given undue prominence. Btw answer one question – A little boy was obeying his mom and guarding the gate and this great god fights with him to cut his head? How disgusting. He couldn’t recognise his son??? Or he had so much ego/rage that he wanted to prove he is the boss ? Either ways, if he cant recognise and save his son how is he going to save you.? For ur info, please look at older shillings -Gudimallam, some in north ..they are exactly like a penis.


  3. What is wrong even if it did represent the Phallus? It probably represented procreation, renewal and everything associated with birth. The middle circular part of a linga is called “yoni”. We all know that Yoni means vagina. There are many theories on what a Linga represents. The other theory is that the three parts of the linga represents the Brhama, vishnu and maheswara. We do not need to be ashamed of any of those interpretations. As a matter of fact, when a person dies, in some sects, they take a bull and set it free so that it can procreate. So Shiva, even though he is associated with the final fiery end of this universe (as depicted by Nataraja), is also associated with renewal. To build new, you have tear down what is old.


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