Saint Who Spoke From Tomb Gazetted

Saint Who Spoke From Tomb Gazetted

There is no dearth of Miracles around the world.

Raghavenra Temple,Mantralayam
Saint Raghavendra,Mantralayam

India abounds in them.

Munro spoke to Raghavendrar who was in the Grave.
Sir Thomas Munro

What is startling is that most of these so-called Miracles were authenticated and official references are available.

We ,in India, have this peculiar characteristic of Believing the White, at times only the White, if an information is sought.

The same information, even if given in detail by a learned Indian with proof, it will be spoofed at.

There is this reported incidence of Saint Raghavendra having spoken to Sir.Thomas Munro, the then District Collector of Bellary, in the year 1800, when Munro went to confiscate the land where Saint Raghavendra had attained Jeeva Samadhi.

This was gazetted in the then Madras Presidency.

The Notification.

Gazette Notification of the talk between Munro and Raghavendra.
The Saint who spoke from the Grave.When Sir Thomas Munroe was the Collector of Bellary in 1800, the Madras Government ordered him to procure the entire income from the Math and Manthralaya village. When the Revenue officials were unable to comply with this order, Sir Thomas Munroe visited the Math for investigation. He removed his hat and shoes and entered the sacred precincts. Sri Rayaru emerged from the Brindavan and conversed with him for sometime, about the resumption of endowment. The Saint was visible and audible only to Munroe who received Manthraksha. The Collector went back and wrote an order in favour of the Math and the village. This notification was published in the Madras Government Gazette in Chapter XI and page 213, with the caption “Manchali Adoni Taluka”. This order is still preserved in Fort St. George and Manthralayam.

There is a similar incidence involving another White was reported in Samayapuram, where the Presiding Deity ,Samayapuram Mariamman is repoted to have appeared before the White man.

I have heard of this and was informed that his has been notified in the Madras Gazette.

I am unable to locate it.

Does anyone have any idea?

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2 responses to “Saint Who Spoke From Tomb Gazetted”

  1. in madurai tamilnadu a british collector was saved by goddes meenakshi. it was rainy season and there was very heavy downpour with lightning,a 5 year old girl child entered the collector s bunglow..she took the collector s hand and led him out of his bed room.scarcely had he stepped out of his bed room, the entire roofing came down.he had been saved by a miracle.he looked for the girl but she was not to be found.realising the hand of goddess meenakshi,he worshipped and offered her golden anklets,pendant with a large precious stone,etc.till this day the goddess is adorned with these ornaments during festivals.the name of the collector,replica of his gifts,paintings of this event were displayed in the temple museum.


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