G-20, Hilarious!

The assemblage reminds one of Medieval Nobility, sans King,where mutual backslapping and bonhomie was in evidence, concealing the dagger .What is for public consumption is not for private practice.The more powerful is trying to off-load their burden on the less powerful(though economically powerful).
Is it not hilarious to find China on the Economic policy making body while it is the culprit in dumping the world with hazardous and under priced products, black mailing countries including US by touting its local market strength?
It is the same China that keeps on committing Human Rights violations.Or take Israel which steadfastly refuses to freeze settlements in West Bank, causing untold miseries to Palestinians and yet it finds a pride of place in this august(?) summit; or take Pakistan which is safe haven for terrorists,Libya known violator of International Law,North Korea, the international Government terrorist; Sri Lanka ,perpetrator of Tamil genocide.All these entities are going to save the world.Obama wanted a world audience, he got it.Period.

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