History Incorrect Ancient Spark Plug Nano Technology

With advanced Technologies, we are now confident that we can update and be certain about the History of Mankind and the World. We have carbon Dating to determine the period of an artifact, Radio Telescopes which can peer into distant galaxies to find more about the Universe. These very instruments are making us rethink what has been known to us as History on the origin of Life, appearance of Homo Sapiens and the History of Civilizations. Ancient Manuscripts and legends speak of things which they could not have had access to. Indian Texts speak of Atomic blasts five thousand years ago,Artificial insemination, Flying Saucers, Airplanes,Travel to the Stars, these are found in the Indian texts. They speak of electricity as well Please read some of my posts on these subjects. Find here below a list of anomalies, instances, objects,events which could not have taken place or they have no business to be there at all.according to or reading of History

Who Owns The World Isa Upanishad 1

The World is run by Principles. Nothing in the world is without a reason or Direction. Execution of a simple job needs planning and direction. The world runs and IS with clock like precision. These principles remain indifferent to the fact whether one becomes aware of them or not. We keep on discovering (?) the principles of Nature, repudiating our earlier Theories. But these Principles are in operation despite our understanding or misunderstanding of them. To day Science is veering around the view that there isa Central Theory, Unified Theory that links all the Theories of Science. A Theory requires a Theorist. 'Doubt implies a Doubter, Thinking implies a Thinker' I Doubt, therefore I AM''-Rene Descartes. All these principles of Nature require a Master. There isa Unified Theory. All things in the Universe are covered by This Principle. It or He are His. We are but custodians. We do not own them or even stake a claim to them.

‘Direct Experience ‘ Yoga Sutra Explains

The senses alone will not provide us with experience, One may have eyes, but can not see,Blind. So the 'act of seeing' is a separate function. Same with the other senses. Therefore, Indian Philosophy ascribes these actual acts, as additional Instruments for Direct experience. These are called Karmendriyas (That perform' the action of'seeing' etc) 1.pāyu - the excretory organ. Is the organ of excretion. Associated with the mooladhara chakra and the earth element. 2.upastha - the sexual organs This is the generative organ. 3.pāda - the locomotion organ Legs are the locomotory organs. 4.pāni - the organ of apprehension Hands are the most complex organ of action as they can express,feel and touch. 5.vāk - the speech organ With these we experience.

How To Read The Maya Calendar

With panic running high among the gullible, I thought it fit to search the web for information as to how to read the Maya Calendar. I was lucky in finding a reasonable explanation from two sources. Here they are.   '" The first thing to understand is that the Maya used three different calendars. The … Continue reading How To Read The Maya Calendar